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Phoenix Rising in Ultimate X-Men #69?

Faced with a power quickly becoming too much to handle and a cult that thinks she's a cosmic god, could Jean Grey actually be turning into Ultimate Phoenix? Ultimate X-Men #69 kicks off the three-part "Phoenix" story arc where the mystery behind Jean Grey begins to unravel. Plus, the mysterious mutant known as the Magician has been pulled into the world of the X-Men. But is he actually a wolf in disguise? Only Kitty Pryde suspects but by the time she discovers the Magician's true motives, it may be too late. The reviews for writer Robert Kirkman's Ultimate X-Men have been nothing short of amazing. Dominic Davies of SilverBulletComicBooks.com says, "great characterizations built on funny and just downright cool individual stories, coupled with a great promise of what's to come and solid artwork, Kirkman's Ultimate X-Men is a winner." No fan of the X-Men or the Ultimate Universe will want to miss part 1 of "Phoenix" in Ultimate X-Men #69 as hot new artist Ben Oliver joins Eisner-award nominated Robert Kirkman.

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