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Belated Birthday: Spider-Girl

AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL writer Tom DeFalco takes us back to the early days of Mayday Parker

turns 10!

By Ben Morse What do you get for the girl who has everything? Well, Mayday Parker, aka the Amazing Spider-Girl, may not have quite everything, but with the coolest dad on Earth, rad super powers and now a decade of webslinging and buttkicking under her belt, she's got a plenty to smile about. Marvel.com missed Mayday's birthday party a couple months back, but to try and make it up to our favorite wallcrawling cutie, we snagged AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL writer Tom DeFalco, who co-created SG and has been writing her for over 100 issues now, to share his 10 favorite moments from the early days of SPIDER-GIRL. And as an added party favor, we've got all of Tom's remembrances available for your perusal courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited-just click the cover image next to each entry and be whisked away to a sensational Spider-Girl adventure!


SPIDER-GIRL #2 "Mayday and her dad have an awkward lunch together and Darkdevil makes his first appearance."


SPIDER-GIRL #4 "Moose Mansfield risks his life to save Jimmy Yama. Up until this issue, the readers just assumed that Moose was your typical big bully-this scene showed them there was a lot more to the big guy! And Johnny Storm and Pete get together."


SPIDER-GIRL #8 "Pete and Mayday team-up for the very first time!"


SPIDER-GIRL #10 "Mayday travels back in time and meets Aunt May and her teenaged father."


SPIDER-GIRL #14 "Spider-Girl faces of against Kaine and no one refers to the dreaded 'c' saga."


SPIDER-GIRL #16 "Stinger and Spider-Girl have some fun and get lectured by the man called Nova."


SPIDER-GIRL #17 "Peter Parker gets back into costume and Spider-Girl teams with her dad!"


SPIDER-GIRL #22 "Pete doesn't approve of his daughter's date-the grandson of J. Jonah Jameson-or her dress for a school dance...where Funny Face and Bunky make an appearance."


SPIDER-GIRL #23 "Maybe meets another super-powered teenager and suddenly realizes that her spider-powers are giving her an unfair advantage on the basketball court."


SPIDER-GIRL #25 "Funny Face and Crazy Eight bring sibling rivalry to new heights as Mayday battles the Savage Six and gets a nasty surprise." Want to read the rest of the Spider-Girl saga? Head on over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!
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