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Unlimited Highlights

Digital Comics Highlights: Professor X

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights, to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. It's true what they say: Everybody loves a bald man. And if you happen to be a bald man with telepathy, you've got it made. And that's why we here at Marvel.com decided to highlight the adventures of the inimitable Professor X this week. Also, the release of X-MEN: LEGACY #208, starring a certain aforementioned bald telepath, might have had something to do with it. So check out these stories and more, all available now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.


Uncanny X-Men #1 When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the X-Men, perhaps one of their most audacious decisions was to make the team's leader a bald man in a wheelchair. But don't let that fool you. Sure, he didn't do much other than narrate exposition in this issue, but from the very first page it was evident that his was a mind to be reckoned with. If nothing else, he could defeat villains by speaking to them telepathically, convincing them they'd gone insane and begun hearing voices. That's nothing to scoff at.


X-Men: Children of the Atom #1 If that isn't enough of the original X-Men for you, then check out this re-imagining of their origin. Jump back to how it all began as Professor X establishes his School for Gifted Youngsters... but what's a school without any students? And just how did our favorite telepath find his first students in the first place? Check out Xavier's first encounters with each of the original X-Men, complete with Steve Rude's gorgeous retro-artwork.


Uncanny X-Men #117 With most of the X-Men missing and presumed dead, it's flashback time! If you still aren't convinced that Professor X can hold his own, this is the book for you. Back in the day, before the accident which stole the use of his legs from him, Professor X travels through Cairo and comes face to face--or mind to mind, rather--with the Shadow King. It's the original "Psi-War," and this story proves that Prof. X does not appreciate being trifled with.


New Mutants Graphic Novel While the X-Men fight off the Brood menace in the middle of space, Professor X must form a new team to protect the rights of mutants worldwide. And thus the original New Mutants was born, a group composed of gifted youngsters drawn from the four corners of the world. While Xavier's school at the time had primarily served as a home base for the X-Men, this story brought it back to its roots by injecting some young blood into the classroom hallways, proving that the mutant phenomenon sweeping through the comics world wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

NEW X-MEN #126

New X-Men #126 When Xavier's evil twin Cassandra Nova takes over his body and uses it to wreak havoc across the Shi'ar empire, the New X-Men must save their teacher and mentor before his brain turns into a cranium-shaped puddle. The culmination of Grant Morrison's first year on NEW X-MEN, this one's got it all: huge fights, intergalactic intrigue, and more brilliant Morrisonian one-liners than you can safely shake a stick at. Enter at your own risk, and be prepared to have your mind exploded!
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