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Unlimited Highlights

Digital Comics Highlights: 5 Cable & X-Force Must-Reads

In honor of the newly-launched X-FORCE ongoing series as well as CABLE #1 hitting comic shops this week, MDCU Highlights shines the spotlight on the silver-haired soldier from the future with the seemingly-unlimited arsenal and the men and women who've fought along side him.


NEW MUTANTS #87: It all begins here, boys and girls! A mysterious time-traveler, armed to teeth and known only as Cable, confronts the New Mutants in this historic issue. While the teens originally treat this new-comer as a threat, Cable sees promise in the kids, taking the young mutants under his wing and training them into the fiercest combat unit of X-Men ever.


UNCANNY X-MEN #294: Tragedy hits the Xavier Institute! While Professor X lies in a coma, the X-Men immediately begin hunting down the man responsible. While all the clues point to the time-hopping Cable-particularly since the guy at the scene of the crime was holding a smoking gun and claiming to be the telepathic cyborg-the X-Men discover that everything may not be as simple as it appears! One of the hottest stories of the early '90s launches off here in "X-Cutioner's Song" part 1.


CABLE AND DEADPOOL #1: Cable and Deadpool: They're like the odd couple...but with guns. One wants to save the world and the other can't keep his mouth shut or his finger off the trigger. When Deadpool thinks his latest heist's just like any other snag and bag operation, he kisses away any hopes of it going smoothly when he runs into the former X-Forcer. Things only get worse for the hired gun when he finds out Cable's looking for some answers about 'Pool's employer, and Cable's got no intention of asking nicely.

NYX #3

NYX #3: Long before she joined the latest incarnation of X-Force, Wolverine's deadly right-hand woman struggled to survive on the streets of District X, New York City's mutant slum. Written by Marvel E-i-C Joe Quesada, check out the first appearance of one of Marvel's most popular new mutants of the last 10 years.


X-FORCE #1: Reunited and it feels soooo gooood! After years apart, Cable decides to put the band back together, courtesy of writer/artist Rob Liefeld. Starring Cable, Shatterstar, Domino, Boom-Boom and the rest of the X-Men's dirty job squad. along with over-sized shoulder pads and more belt-pouches than you can shake a stick at, X-FORCE #1 comes complete with everything you loved about comics in the '90s.
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