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Secret Invasion

WWLA 2008: The Inhuman Royal Family Enters Secret Invasion

Heroes writer Joe Pokaski tackles Secret Invasion tie-in mini

By Ryan Penagos While the Avengers were shocked by the discovery that Elektra was truly a Skrull imposter, Black Bolt's Skrulltastic revelation rocked not just the Illuminati-led super hero community, but an entire race: the Inhumans. As "Secret Invasion" mania shifts into high gear, the time has come to shine the spotlight on the now-leaderless Inhumans.

"Black Bolt"

Getting its own upcoming mini-series-SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS-the story by first-time Marvel scribe and current "Heroes" writer Joe Pokaski digs into how ultra-powerful Inhuman Royal Family-Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak and Triton-deals with the news that the Black Bolt they knew was a Skrull impostor. How will they react? "Not very well," says Editor Bill Rosemann. "I mean, how would you react to suddenly learning the head of your family-and your entire race-had been secretly replaced and most likely murdered? Now think how you would react if you had the powers to make the ones who did this pay for their sinister deed? And then add on the fact that the Inhumans are exactly that-not human. So while we can relate to what they experience, one can never predict how these alien individuals may respond to any situation." While many plot points and details remain elusive, deciphering when and where Black Bolt's replacement happened will likely be key to the series.

The Inhuman
Royal Family

"That's one of the intriguing and bedeviling questions that they must face," notes Rosemann. "Has it been days? Weeks? Months? Even years? How long has this silent cancer been lurking in the Inhumans' heart? Oh, those Skrulls are such big meanies!" Rest assured, whatever twists and turns the Inhumans' tale takes, it'll fit in perfectly as one part of the larger "Secret Invasion" puzzle. "Event maestro Brian Michael Bendis and Skrullmaster Tom Brevoort have been involved with this story from the very beginning," adds Rosemann, "and writer Joe Pokaski has done his research and taken the steps to make sure that this story both plugs directly into and expands the events of both the ILLUMINATI mini and the core SECRET INVASION saga. So if you want to see how the Black Bolt replacement revelation unfolds in ways you cannot predict-and leads to major developments in not only the Secret Invasion but events beyond-this is the place to be!" For all the Marvel news spinning out of Wizard World L.A., visit our news hub. And for a great way to kill time in between announcements, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

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