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Daredevil: The Man Without Love?

Re-live the many romantic misadventures of Matt Murdock

#106 cover by
Marko Djurdjevic

By Ethan Kaye When DAREDEVIL #106 hits stands on March 26, Marvel Zombies—the human, comic-buying kind—will be treated to another chapter in the ongoing saga of "Matt Murdock's Life So Thoroughly Sucks." If you've been following the series, you know that Mr. Fear has succeeded in his plan to ruin the life of Matt's wife, Milla Donovan, driving her insane and into an asylum, shattering DD's world once more in the process. But if you've followed Daredevil's adventures, you know that Matt's personal life reads like a Shakespearean tragedy with extra angst thrown in for good measure. So to commiserate Matt's misery, let's take a look back at the ladies who have broken Daredevil's heart—and bones—over the years.

Karen Page

Karen Page As the cover of the very first issue of DAREDEVIL asserted, way back in 1964, Karen Page could only be called "gorgeous." But after the obligatory fling with her boss, Matt Murdock, off she went to sunny California for a fun life of heroin addiction and porn movies! In the depths of her addiction, Karen sold the secret of Daredevil's secret identity for a fix and Matt's life became more than a tad more complicated. See Matt? She may be gorgeous, like your comic told us, but sometimes even the pretty people sell your secrets to the Kingpin. Karen's dead now, killed by a baton to the chest from Bullseye, and only making Matt's life more guilt-ridden. Elektra Ah, young love. Matt and Elektra Natchios lived as the cute couple at Columbia University for a year, until they broke up. Well, not as much "broke up," as


much as "Matt Murdock accidentally got her dad killed and she dropped out of school to become an assassin." Like the old song says, breaking up is hard to do, but learning that your ex got a job as an assassin for the Kingpin just twists that knife a little more. Then when she tries to kill your law partner that hurts too. Also, when she gets a sai pushed through her stomach by Bullseye, who's proving to the Kingpin he's the better assassin, that just plain sucks. All in all, a trail of heartache for Daredevil, only made worse by Elektra coming back from the dead and becoming head of the criminal organization known as The Hand. Oh yeah, she also recently turned out to be a Skrull. Beat that, emo kid! Echo


As far as resurrected exes go, Daredevil's got a decent list going. Echo, really Maya Lopez, fell into the classic dilemma of loving Matt Murdock but being hired to kill Daredevil by the Kingpin. Most girls go through this romantic phase, usually in early high school. The two broke up, and Echo became the masked fighter Ronin, the scourge of the Japanese underworld. She also ended up skewered on Elektra's sai in a scene that we couldn't help but fin a bit familiar. And like everyone killed by the Hand, she got brought back to life. Black Widow Don't you hate it when you break up with someone but have to keep seeing them at school or work? Well, super heroes don't get immunity when it comes to that kind

Black Widow

of thing. Daredevil and Natasha Romanoff lived together for a while, enjoying that kind of special relationship that lets you go out at night and punch people in the face together. The inevitable break-up should have put them in their respective corners, but in comics, that rarely happens. They continued to run into each other for years after, even teaming up in the Marvel Knights group. And to make things worse, they're now on opposing teams—Natasha's on the government-approved Mighty Avengers while Daredevil's still fighting the system by not registering! Typhoid Mary Fellas, when you fight with your girlfriend, do you ever feel that she has a split personality? Like, one half's nice and fun and that other half just wants to stomp on

Typhoid Mary

your soft parts with a pointy shoe? Well, you're not alone. Daredevil fought the killer Typhoid Mary while simultaneously having an affair with her alter ego, Mary Walker! To make things worse, Matt was still dating gorgeous Karen Page at the time—now a reformed, post-heroin good girl—making him a guilt-ridden cheater. Life kinda sucks when you're a Daredevil in the city, looking for love. The affair ended quickly, but DD still got burned by the fiery redhead. Heather Glenn During the storyline that first introduced Elektra, Daredevil had a little relationship going with wealthy heiress, Heather Glenn. Heather cheated on Matt again and again and the two broke up a few times, only to get back together and even get engaged.

#106 preview art

After Heather blabbed DD's identity a few times, the engagement crashed and burned, and Heather fell in love with booze. In the end, Heather ended up a suicide after Matt ignored her request for help. Good going, jerk. Glorianna O'Breen To have loved and lost the niece of your best friend's ex-wife. Foggy Nelson's ex-niece-in-law, Glorianna, a lovely Irish lass, fell for Matt hard. Matt felt something too, but not as much as she did, and the two broke up. Then the Kingpin killed her, like most gals in the Marvel Universe. Seriously, the guy has killed more people than malaria. So girls: Don't date Matt Murdock! You will probably get killed by the Kingpin somehow. Pick up DAREDEVIL #106 on March 26 to see how Matt copes with this latest tragedy, but to relive his past heartache, visit Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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