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Wizard World Los Angeles 2008

Wizard World LA 2008: Who Do You Trust? One-Shot Announced

All-star creative teams to tackle 5 Secret Invasion stories

By Ryan Penagos With SECRET INVASION #1 just weeks away, there's no shortage of news about tie-ins, crossovers and revelations. And with each new detail, the scope and intensity of this event becomes bigger--and we can feel our wallets becoming smaller. Now, coming out of Wizard World LA 2008, add a very special one-shot to your list of SECRET INVASION must-haves. The SECRET INVASION: WHO DO YOU TRUST? Special hits in June and features five stories, covering a breadth of characters and loose threads. Don't get us wrong, though. Each tale in the TRUST one-shot will be key. Some details remain classified at this point, but we know Zeb Wells delivers a yarn about Marvel Boy, Mike Carey writes an Agent Brand story, Wonder Man and Beast head to the Savage Land courtesy of Chris Gage and Mike Perkins, Brian Reed and Lee Weeks pick Captain Marvel up for one more adventure and the Agents of Atlas make their triumphant return courtesy of Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk. Pretty awesome, no?

TRUST?cover by
Phil Jimenez

While several of the creative teams remain tight-lipped at the moment, we were able to squeeze a few details out of three writers. "I'm bridging the gap between the end of his mini-series and the start of 'Secret Invasion,'" says Brian Reed. "The tale involves Cap coming to the realization that some things need to be done and deciding he's just the man to do them." "Wonder Man and the Beast were once fellow Avengers and the best of friends, until they drifted apart," notes Chris Gage, setting some background for his story, dubbed "Seems Like Old Times." "Now they've been reunited--but one of them could be a Skrull! Facing a common threat, can they put aside their misgivings and recapture their glory days...or does the real danger come from within?" Mike Carey: "My story centers on Agent Brand," says X-MEN LEGACY scribe Mike Carey. "It has her reflecting on her own activities in the months prior to the invasion, and belatedly joining the dots--finding unexpected patterns in data that had seemed unimportant. This is all happening at a moment of very high tension and personal danger for her, and it feeds into the decisions she takes in the main SI story arc." Look for much more on SECRET INVASION: WHO DO YOU TRUST? in the coming weeks! For all the Marvel news spinning out of Wizard World L.A., visit our news hub. And for a great way to kill time in between announcements, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

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