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Wizard World Philadelphia 2007

Wizard World Philadelphia 2007: Cup 'O Joe Panel Report

By Nick Authenrieth and Ryan Penagos We're posting live from the Cup 'O Joe Panel at Wizard World Philadelphia 2007! Keep refreshing this page to get the updated report, complete with news, announcements, jokes and photos. Visit Marvel.com's Wizard World Philadelphia 2007 News Hub for a full rundown of news, features, videos, photos and other assorted goings-on straight from the City of Brotherly Love. Now, for the panel report! Oh, Marvel fans, do we have some news for you! The Cup 'O Joe Panel on Saturday was large and Joe Quesada was most definitely in charge. Flanked by his trusty panel pals Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and doctor of marketing Jim McCann, Joe took the stage to by far the biggest crowd at a Marvel panel this weekend. Also sitting in on the fun were editor Bill Rosemann and creative consultant C.B. Cebulski. First Joe and co. dished out some more info on double-barreled dose of upcoming Spider-Man awesomeness, "One More Day" and "Brand New Day." Reminding fans who may not have heard the news yesterday, following Joe and JMS' "One More Day" AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will be printed thrice monthly under one title: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. "It's going to be the life of Peter Parker," dished Brevoort, who was adamant about taking the series back to its roots. While not a surprise to everyone in the crowd, the announcement still garnered some serious applause. Want more info? It would be our pleasure. So check out the Spider-Man Panel Report right here. Then the roof came off the place. Joe announced that Marvel will be publishing HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS, a five issue series that launches in November. Written by Chris Gage and penciled by Mike Perkins, it's sure to be an event you won't soon forget, no matter how hard you try. Prominently featured will be bad boy Luke Cage, who Bill Rosemann gushed about, calling his a "fascinating story" to a crowd who obviously shared his sentiments. Looking for something a little more in-depth about HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS? Get on the good foot and give Marvel.com's full HOUSE OF M: AVENGERSreport a good hard look. Next up was big X-Men news. X-MEN: MESSIAH COMPLEX begins in November with a one-shot and subsequent issues that run until January. The series will feature "a lot of big villains, old friends and big surprises," according to Jim McCann. Creatively, the "Messiah Complex" is off the charts. Look for art by Billy Tan, Humberto Ramos, Chris Bachalo and Mark Brooks, with chapters written by Ed Brubaker, Mike Carey, Craig Kyle & Chris Yost as well as Peter David. We've got the full MESSIAH COMPLEX rundown right here, so do yourself a giant favor and check it out. And speaking of Peter David, he was the spotlight of an announcement that brought the house down. Teased and hinted, it was officially revealed that Peter David has been slated to be the new SHE-HULK author, taking over for Dan Slott beginning with SHE-HULK #22. When Mike Deodato's cover went on display, the crowd respons was as Billy Ocean once said, "simply awesome." Handling the artwork during the run will be Shawn Moll. Get a load of the full Peter David and SHE-HULK story right here, complete with an interview with Peter himself right here at Marvel.com. Joe then fielded some questions from some testy fans, whose fears he gently put to rest with all of the poise of a soothsayer. "You guys make the decisions for us," a grateful Quesada told the crowd. He also discussed everything from his aversion to footnotes to the often mixed response to CIVIL WAR. It was an exciting, packed-to-the-gills panel and everyone in attendance had a blast. But we've still got more to come! Thanks for reading and remember where you heard it all first. Marvel.com!




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