Ultimate Marvel—Ultimate Announcements



The Ultimate Universe—the Universe they said could never be done and is now the Universe others try to imitate, but can never duplicate. This year promises to break records, debut new characters, and shock fans in unexpected ways—and the House of Ideas plans to do it with a star-studded roster of talent to make these books, . . . well, the ultimate! Starting in October, Ultimate Power, a nine-issue mini-series tying the Ultimate Universe into the Supremeverse (Squadron Supreme Universe) will be written by the superpower trinity of Brian Michael Bendis, J. Michael Straczynski, and Jeph Loeb. Then we have our annuals which are just that—and with a once-a-year book, Marvel does it's best to put the best talent on the books where they will shine the brightest. With that, the following is a list of our Ultimate Annual titles due in August and the creators who will breathe life into them: Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual Mike Carey, writer, Stuart Immonen, artist Frazier Irving, artist Ultimate Spider-Man Annual Brain Michael Bendis, writer Mark Brooks, artist Ultimates Annual Charlie Huston, writer Mike Deodato Jr., artist Ryan Sook, artist Enjoy, as Marvel makes it Ultimate!

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