Ultimate Iron Man Versus…The U.S Government?



Trapped on a plane with a live nuke and his Iron Man armor hundreds of miles away…Tony Stark has seen better days! The critically-acclaimed origin of Ultimate Iron Man continues with ULTIMATE IRON MAN II #4 (of 5), from Nebula award-winning author Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) and fan-favorite artist Pasqual Ferry (ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR) presenting the penultimate chapter of a thrill ride so action-packed, we had to add another issue! As Tony Stark continues on a collision course—literally!—with destiny, what does the future hold for War Machine, Howard Stark, and the creepy Obadiah Stane? An IGN.Com Editor's Choice, reviewer Jesse Schedeen gushed, "I'm having a ball with Card's story. The beautiful Pasqual Ferry art never hurts either." As Tony Stark fights for his very survival, what will be the cost to him and those he loves? And just how close is he to the discovering the truth behind the man called Dolores? Find out in ULTIMATE IRON MAN II #4 (of 5)! ULTIMATE IRON MAN II #4 (of 5) (JAN082124) Written by ORSON SCOTT CARD Pencils & Cover by PASQUAL FERRY Colors by DEAN WHITE & CO Parental Advisory …$2.99 FOC—3/6/08, On-Sale—3/26/08 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook
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