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Stephen King's The Stand

On the Scene: Dark Tower The Long Road Home Midnight Opening

Midtown's Gahl
Buslov welcomes
the crowd

Marvel.com's dynamic duo of Editor Ryan Penagos and Video Editor Jason Harvey stormed New York City's Midtown Comics on Tuesday, March 4 to get a first-hand account of the store's midnight launch for DARK TOWER: THE LONG ROAD HOME. Check out the video below for a fun look at the event, including interviews with writer Peter David, artist Jae Lee and plenty of fans. And if your Dark Tower cravings have not been fulfilled, read on for a more detailed report by Mr. Penagos and check out Marvel's official Dark Tower comics hub. Head to Marvel.com's Videos section for the full-sized version.

DARK TOWER for all!

While this was the second year in a row Marvel celebrated the launch of a DARK TOWER mini-series with a nation-wide midnight launch event, it's far from a regular occurrence. There aren't many books that can attract the special brand of dedicated fan who'll shlep out in the middle of the night to get their favorite comic early. Fortunately for Marvel, DARK TOWER has both spectacular fans and an amazing mix of beautiful art, wonderful storytelling and that oh-so-special Stephen King touch.

(L-R) Peter David
and Jae Lee

Last year's midnight launch in NYC was awesome, but the arctic temperatures made waiting outside difficult for the hordes of fans eager to meet the creative team and get their books signed. This year's mild weather meant the Midtown staff, along with Jae Lee and Peter David, had plenty of time to get ready, settled and give the fans a grand 'ole time.

Peter David signs
for a fan

We arrived at 11, chatted up the swell Midtown staffers, watched Peter do a little midnight shopping and glared deviously at the other crews there to film the event. That's right, Popcultureshock guys, we're on to you. By 11:40, we were interviewing eager fans, taking some "establishing shots" and "B-roll" (as they say in the video-makin' industries) and marveling at how awesome Jae Lee's hair is.

hardcore DARK
TOWER fans

Seriously, that dude has style. The crowd moved pretty quickly, as well over 50 comic collectors made small talk with the esteemed creators and shuffled off off into the night.

Marvel.com Editor
Ryan Penagos

We had tons of fun and it's especially a treat to talk and hang out with Marvel fans. Who knows, maybe we'll do it again next year!



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