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TGIF: Who Do They Trust?

Marvel's editors and creators point the accusatory finger at the characters they think could be hiding some Skrully secrets

By Ben Morse For months, Marvel has been asking "Who Do You Trust?" as we gear up for SECRET INVASION #1, finally shape-shifting into stores on April 2. This week, Marvel.com turned the tables. We asked Marvel creators and editors who they thought might be a secret Skrull agent sent to the Marvel Universe as part of the invasion fleet-the answers may shock you. Or make you laugh. Or both. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.
ANDY LANNING (co-writer of NOVA): I'm going to hedge my bets here and say I think Super-Skrull is really a Skrull. You see it's the old double blind; it's so obvious that they'd think we'd think he was, then he wouldn't be but then they'd think, we'd think they'd think we'd think he was so he has to be....see?

Simple! Next stop, rocket science! GREG HORN (cover artist of MS. MARVEL) I think Invisible Woman is a Skrull because you just can't trust anyone who can turn invisible. As for who I'd like to be a Skrull, how's about a nice sexy Emma Frost Skrull? Or maybe even a cosmic Skrull-Galactus! DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI (writer of CABLE): Actually, I'm sitting here wondering if certain Skrulls are actually Marvel characters in disguise, and they've got this whole double agent thing going on. Or wait, maybe Skrulls are certain Marvel characters who went undercover as Skrulls, then forgot they were undercover, and started to believe they actually were Skrulls, and then decided to launch an invasion against the rest of the Marvel Universe, because they totally think they're still Skrulls. Or hang on, wait, maybe the entire Marvel U is made up of Skrulls, and the only normal person is J. Jonah Jameson, but it turns out he really is a Skrull, too, only he forgot after bumping his head one day, and he's made everything else up in a five-second fever dream. Or just maybe I just need some aspirin and a nap. C.B. CEBULSKI (writer of AVENGERS FAIRY TALES): I really hope Dani Moonstar turns out to be a Skrull and we find out that the real Dani was in a pod or whatever since House of M and she comes back with her mutant powers intact! KEITH GIFFEN (writer of ANNIHILATION): Steve Wacker. STEVE WACKER (Marvel editor): Spider-Man. I mean have you seen what they've done to that character?!?!?! Ridiculous. I mean it's maddening enough and now it's on sale three times a month! [EDITOR'S NOTE: And available now at your local comic book retailer!] Crazy! Also...I wish assistant editor Aubrey Sitterson was a Skrull. She knows why.

AUBREY SITTERSON (Marvel editor): What if Thor was a Skrull? Not a Skrull acting like he was Thor, but Thor come back as a Skrull-or better yet, Thor always was a Skrull. The Gods as Space Aliens! Have you read "Chariots of the Gods"? FRANK CHO (artist of MIGHTY AVENGERS): Aunt May is a Skrull. She's tougher to kill than Chuck Norris. BOB GALE (writer of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): Why, Brian Michael Bendis, of course! It's the only explanation as to how he can write so many books! REGINALD HUDLIN (writer of BLACK PANTHER): Willie Lumpkin. The FF would never see it coming... JUAN DOE (artist of FANTASTIC FOUR: ISLA DE LA MUERTE): I would be so blown away if it turned out that the Super-Skrull was actually being impersonated by a regular Skrull. My other bet for undercover Skrull: Agent Cheesecake. ANDY SCHMIDT (upcoming writer of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS): I think it would be interesting if all the 198 powered mutants were Skrulls and have been ever since House of M. It would explain why they have powers and no one else does and it would create an interesting mystery-where are the 198 and what happened to them?

Marvel could do stories off that for years. That said, I'm loving the X-books as is, so I'm cool with them not being Skrulls, too. JORDAN D. WHITE (Marvel assistant editor): Well, the trick is, you've got to think of a character that went through a change without any explanation, right? I was immediately drawn to the biggest one of all: the Hulk was replaced with a Skrull between [INCREDIBLE HULK v1] issue #1 and issue #2, when he went from grey to green. Think about it! He's super strong, so that's a pretty easy power to replicate. It explains how Hulk kept changing appearances, later. And he turned green! Green! I'm thinking the Skrull was just being lazy at first and accidentally kept his regular color, but didn't notice until it was too late. JOHN ROMITA JR. (artist of KICK-ASS): Is Joe Quesada a Marvel character? Heh... Sue Richards-for putting up with that family, she must be an alien! CHRISTOS GAGE (co-writer of AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE): The Blob-the one who lost his powers. I want the real Blob to come back and still be fat Don't make me keep eating unhealthy foods so I can take his place myself! BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): Hmmm...maybe She-Hulk is a Skrull. She has green skin...her bounty hunting partner is Jazinda the Skrull...she tried to mess up Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attempt to stop her cousin's rampage through Manhattan...she's been cozying up to other heroes in books like AVENGERS: THE

INITIATIVE and FANTASTIC FOUR and HULK. And maybe that's what the cover to SHE-HULK #30 is all about-maybe Hercules learns the truth! Wait a minute, you mean Steve Wacker handed me a book to edit that really stars a no good, stinkin' Skrull? Wackerrrrrrr! MARC GUGGENHEIM (writer of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): I think Aunt May is a Skrull. She's even got that jutting wrinkly chin. Total Skrull. Plus, isn't it a little convenient how she died and "miraculously" returned to life? S-K-R-U-L-L. PASQUAL FERRY (artist of ULTIMATE IRON MAN II): I think Namor. He's the less obvious suspect. He was with the Illuminati on the Skrull world. He is the guy who really caused the dissolution of the Illuminati. CHRIS ELIOPOULOS (writer/artist of MINI MARVELS): I really thin Kl'rt is a Skrull. You know, the way he is green with pointed ears and the fact that he has the powers of the Fantastic Four. I mean, come on! He even goes by the name "Super-Skrull"! He has to be a Skru-what? He is a Skrull? Why didn't any...oh, man...well, you can sing me to sleep tonight! No one tells me anything! If anyone needs me, I'll be crying in my root beer. TRAVEL FOREMAN (artist of ARES): Ares. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks it's strange that after fighting through the pits of hell to rescue his son he hasn't spoken to or mentioned the kid once since he's been an Avenger? FRED VAN LENTE (co-writer of INCREDIBLE HERUCLES): M.O.D.O.K. Well, I don't think that M.O.D.O.K. could be a Skrull. He might be three Skrulls, holding very tightly together.

TOM BRENNAN (Marvel assistant editor): USAgent. Why? He's voluntarily in Canada. And I say this as a proud descendant of Canadians. I love the place. But USAgent? No way he'd go. TOM DEFALCO (writer of AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL): I figure that [Marvel Executive Editor] Ralph Macchio must be a Skrull, because that's the only way to explain why his hair stays so dark. WELLINTON ALVES (artist of NOVA): Hmm...maybe Xavier? That mind of his always gets people in trouble. Or maybe Captain America didn't die at all and it was a Skrull. Okay, I'm gonna tell the truth: I'm a Skrull. Only with these shape-changing powers can I get pages done on time! BRIAN REED (writer of MS. MARVEL): Isn't it fun, when you know I know who the Skrulls are, and now I'm saying who I think/want the Skrulls to be? I could be screwing with you. Anything I say in this situation comes into question. Is he screwing with us? Is he giving us hints? To which I say "Ha. Ha. HA!" Here's a freebie. You know who's a Skrull? I'll tell ya. Ben Reilly, the Spider-Clone. Ben "Oh My God Make It Stop Please How Long Will This Story Go On For Make It Stop Gaaahhh" Reilly was not a clone at all! He was a Skrull, pretending to be a clone pretending to be Spider-Man. But Ben went and got himself killed, so now that's a story that can never be told. Also, anybody with the name "Marvel" is looking pretty sketchy at the moment.

ALEKSI BRICLOT (cover artist of ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST): Hulk is already green and while working on his face on the last NEW AVENGERS cover, I was wondering if he wasn't already a Skrull. In addition to the green color, he's got the same strong chin and orbital arch. Some signs are hard to ignore-why has nobody seen this before? DAN ABNETT (co-writer of NOVA): I think Super-Skrull is a Skrull, but that's just wild guess work on my part. PHIL JIMENEZ (artist of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): Shamrock. Cause she can't be trusted, she never could! JOHN BARBER (Marvel editor): Mrs. Zane from KICK-ASS, because I think Dave Lizewski would think she was even hotter if she was a shape-changing alien. TOM GRUMMETT (artist of NEW EXILES): I'm not sure...but for a little while now, I've suspected [Marvel assistant editor] Nate Cosby of being a Skrull. PETER DAVID (writer of X-FACTOR): Leonard Samson. Who better to have as a Skrull than a guy who every Marvel hero wouldn't hesitate to tell all his fears, his concerns and his character weaknesses to? Doc Samson, psychiatrist, feeding all manner of damaging personal information about Marvel's greatest heroes directly to the Skrull Empire. DAN SLOTT (co-writer of AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE): NFL Superpro.

See, then he could be NFL Super-Skrull, with all the powers of the Cowboys, Giants and Bears. STEVE SCOTT (artist of MARVEL ADVENTURES HULK): I would say...Bruce Banner. I am a big Hulk fan and if Banner was a Skrull this whole time and the real Banner is alive and hidden away on some Skrull cruiser, he would be able to re-enter the Marvel Universe at some time without being held accountable for "World War Hulk." Besides, don't we need a green Hulk out there before the movie comes out in June? [EDITOR'S NOTE: June 13, to be exact, Steve. Get your tickets today!] Marketing, are you reading this??? MIKE LILLY (artist of ANNIHILATION CONQUEST: QUASAR): My heart wants it to be Steve Rogers/Captain America. He's been my favorite character since I first ever read comics and still is today. I know when a Skrull gets killed they revert back to their true form, but I've been hoping the real Steve Rogers is okay and we've been duped by those friggin' Skrulls again! Also, the return of Captain Marvel gives me pause...hmmmm...could he be a Skrull?" LAUREN SANKOVITCH (Marvel assistant editor): I don't know...coming back from the dead in mysterious fashion, having no memories of how or why? Clint "Hawkeye/Ronin/could'a been Cap" Barton has more than a few secrets and identities. My money's on this eagle-eyed archer being a bit meaner and greener than his teammates suspect. Plus, he's already got the purple pants.

ED BRUBAKER (writer of CAPTAIN AMERICA): Bullseye-because, how cool would it be if the world's best assassin who's now working for the good guys was actually an even more insidious bad guy than we even realized? HUMBERTO RAMOS (upcoming artist of RUNAWAYS): Aunt May. As if Pete's life isn't bad enough, what about when he discovers Aunt May died years ago and he's had a Skrull for an aunt? That also answers a lot of questions because isn't May like 126 years old? No matter how good shape you're in at that age, you don't survive a bullet. No way, Quesada, you hear me?! JEPH LOEB (writer of HULK): Brian Michael Bendis. JOE QUESADA (Marvel Editor-In-Chief): How cool would it be if one of the Skrulls morphed into a Skrull. I mean no one would be expecting that, right?


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