X-Factor Week

Announcing X-Factor Week On Marvel.com

Everybody’s favorite mutant PIs get their own week-long spotlight on Marvel.com with a new artist, new members and much more



An "x-factor" generally refers to an element one can't see coming; the unpredictable intangible that throws everything around it into a state of chaos; the "wild card" that means all bets are off. In the Marvel Universe, X-FACTOR means all those things as well as one heck of an entertaining ongoing series starring Jamie Madrox and the world's most dysfunctional team of mutant private investigators. Over the next few days, Marvel.com gives our buddies at X-Factor Investigations more than a little love with "X-Factor Week," a thrill-a-minute look at the former Multiple Man and friends chock full of Q&A sessions, features and exclusive announcements on the future of X-FACTOR. Here's a sampling of what to x-pect… TUESDAY: Our weekly Tuesday Q&A snags X-FACTOR writer Peter David, who chats about the new direction for his team spinning out of "Messiah CompleX," a crossover with a certain green goliath he also guides the destiny of, and speaking of green…how an upcoming "Invasion" will affect X-Factor. All this and more, including…a new home? WEDNESDAY: A new artist for X-FACTOR gets announced exclusively on Marvel.com! This x-citing name is no stranger to Peter David or X-Factor, so stay tuned for the major announcement! THURSDAY: Another exclusive announcement of two new members joining the X-Factor roster! Who will take their place alongside Madrox's current band of misfits? You can only find out on Marvel.com! And that's just some of what we've got in store for Jamie, Guido, Siryn, Monet, Rictor and the rest! It's X-Factor Week and anything can happen!
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