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Wizard World Philadelphia 2007

Wizard World Philadelphia 2007: Mondo Marvel Panel Report

By Ryan Penagos and Nick Authenrieth
We're posting live from the Mondo Marvel Panel at Wizard World Philadelphia 2007! Keep refreshing this page to get the updated report, complete with news, announcements, jokes and photos. Visit Marvel.com's Wizard World Philadelphia 2007 News Hub for a full rundown of news, features, videos, photos and other assorted goings-on straight from the City of Brotherly Love. Now, for the panel report! The panel kicked off around 1p.m. on Friday and boy were the fans into it. Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST editor Bill Roseman, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, Marketing maven Jim McCann and LONERS writer C.B. Cebulski unleashed a torrent of information, then fielded questions from some fans seeking even more knowledge. First on the menu for the crowd was the announcement of ANGEL: REVELATIONS, an origin story for the X-Men's resident healer/flyer. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Adam Pollina (welcome back Adam!!) are bringing that one to us later this year. Check out our ANGEL: REVELATIONS story for the full scoop. The crowd perked up at the reveal that MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS is returning later this year. A monthly anthology series, the book boasts a ton a creators as well as a multitude of characters and stories. Our MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS story for art and details on the highly-anticipated series. Up next was a slideshow displaying the latest cover art from Marvel's upcoming series. Oohs and Aahs were elicited from the crowd when some of the cover art was shown, especially for ANNIHILATION CONQUEST. The cover for the upcoming Captain America mini-series CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE CHOSEN--to be penned by Rambo creator David Morrell with art by Mitch Breitweiser and covers by Travis Charest--delighted and confused the crowd--being that Cap is dead. Tom Brevoort addressed the crowd and assured them that Cap was still alive when the series was written. Sorry folks, no resurrection yet. Read our CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE CHOSEN story for the full scoop on this upcoming Marvel Knights series. Joe & co. showed off the awesome cover to IMMORTAL IRON FIST Annual #1. Look for more info on that this week! A bevy of other covers were shown, most of which will come with plenty of info this week when the September Previews hit. Check out Marvel.com 10 a.m. on Monday for the first look and details at September's books. Spider-Man, as usual, was on the minds of many of the fans. Kids and adults alike had questions ranging from Spidey's black costume to the tenure of writer JMS, who some fans didn't seem ready to say goodbye to. "Joe's given us 6 great years," said Quesada. "I don't think you'll even get the impact right now. In three to four years people will look back and say 'wow.'" Some fans questioned the decisions made about Marvel minutia. Recenetly, Thanos died when he had his heart ripped out by Drax. One fan would not accept this as a logical decision. He felt that since Thanos was an Eternal, this should not have been possible. Claiming to have stumped Tom Brevoort on a few different occasions, the fan was called Tom's Dr. Doom by the ever-entertaining crowd pleaser Bill Roseman, who kept the crowd in stitches nearly the entire duration of the panel, eventually being told by Joe Quesada, "Bill, it's time for your pill." Questions were also fielded about the delay in Civil War's publication from some seriously testy fans. Joe assuaged their anger by telling them that the delay was "the best thing for the series." He also dismissed the notions that some fans have about life as an editor. For instance, Captain America's death was not a fly-by-night decision, the panelists assured the crowd. No, it was planned from the beginning. "We don't just pull these things from our rear-ends," said Quesada. NEW AVENGERS #31 and the revelation that Elektra is a Skrull rocked the Marvel Universe to its very foundations and has left fans longing for more. The cover reveal for NEW AVENGERS #34 drew a loud, resounding "oooooh" from the crowd, much to the panel's delight. And now that Elektra has been killed and outed as a Skrull in NEW AVENGERS #31, the Skrull accusations are flying. Even Marvel's editors are accusing one another. Bill Roseman accused Joe Quesada of being one of the shape-shifters, a charge he didn't dispute. An image of Brian Michael Bendis looking like a Skrull was put on the screen as well. Wizard World is a strange and wondrous event, friends. Who can you trust? Why Marvel.com of course. We may have a few Skrulls on staff but we'll never tell. Keep checking back right here at the House of Ideas' official website for all the info you can stuff into a goodie bag!



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