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Digital Comics Highlights: The Best of Peter David's X-Factor



Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights, to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. X-Factor Week continues to storm its way through Marvel.com, and to celebrate, Digital Comics Highlights takes a look at some of Peter David's greatest moments writing the series past and present. So kill some time waiting for the next exclusive X-FACTOR announcement on Marvel.com and check out these stories and more, all available now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.


X-FACTOR #71 Peter David rocked X-Factor's world with this issue featuring the debut of an all-new team. Led by Havok and working for the U.S. government, this team brought—or tried to bring—respect to mutants the world over. Or, as Strong Guy would have it, the "genetically challenged." In this issue, the new team faces their first (and most difficult?) challenge ever…opening a jar of mayonnaise? Plus: Laughs galore! Polaris' crazy 90's hair! And a murder to boot!


X-FACTOR #87 X-Factor finds itself in need of a little therapy…but not all its members go along willingly! Who do you turn to for some superhuman psychiatric help? What green-haired doctor could possibly be qualified for this type of situation? Drawn by some little-known artist whose career never went anywhere by the name of Joe Quesada, David shows his true versatility as a writer with this issue ranging from Quicksilver's description of what life feels like for a speedster to Strong Guy's poignant revelations.


X-FACTOR #1 More than 10 years removed from his first run on X-FACTOR, Peter David returns to Jamie Madrox, Strong Guy and Wolfsbane with this all-new series! Now acting as a team of private investigators, Madrox and company protect the area-formerly-known-as-District X in the wake of the M-Day. But what caused all the mutants to lose their powers? Determined to find answers, X-Factor begins turning over every rock they can find while doing battle with a singularly slimy law firm with strange ties to Madrox's past.


X-FACTOR #8 The Civil War spreads into X-Factor's camp, but in even bigger news…Quicksilver returns! Is he friend or foe? And when he brings X-Factor the answers they've been seeking since M-Day, will they be able to handle the truth? Probably, but that doesn't mean they'll be happy with it, especially when they find out what some of their closest allies have been keeping from them. A major turning point in the current team's career, this issue sets events in motion that will leave them forever changed.


X-FACTOR #13 After barely surviving a run-in with Singularity Investigations, the team needs a little R&R. No such luck, as Madrox calls in the services of Leonard Samson, super hero psychiatrist…and we all know how well that went over last time! Add the fact that Jamie woke up in two different beds that morning and you know this day ends with someone getting thrown through a window or two.

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