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X-Factor Week

X-Factor Week: Larry Stroman Returns

The X-FACTOR veteran has come home and we've got his exclusive first pencil art

By Marc Strom Come July, a familiar face returns to X-FACTOR as artist Larry Stroman reunites with Peter David with issue #33 this July! The two first collaborated in 1991 on X-FACTOR v1 #71, an issue which re-imagined the team for the 90's and beyond and kicked off a brief but fondly-remembered run by the duo. Stroman recently made his return to Marvel with WHAT IF? X-MEN: RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI'AR, and X-FACTOR marks his first regular gig at the House of Ideas in over 15 years. David calls the prospect of working with Stroman again "exciting."

pencil art by
Larry Stroman

"I'm a different writer than I was back then and he's a different artist," the writer adds, "So I'll be very interested to see the results of the collaboration this time." Looking for a new regular artist, series editor Aubrey Sitterson saw Stroman as the perfect fit for the book: "With a Secret Invasion tie-in, a SHE-HULK crossover, a major change of scenery, and some brand new team members coming down the pike, we wanted a guy like Larry who could knock all this slam bang comicy goodness out of the park-and he's doing just that." And of course, we would be remiss in not mentioning the awesomeness that is Stroman's depiction of Strong Guy. "All of Larry's characters look awesome, but I think fans will agree there's something really special about his Guido Carosella," Sitterson remarks. "It's clear that Larry is having fun drawing these issues, and I hope it's clear that readers are going to have a blast reading them. Before you head back here tomorrow to learn who the two newest members of X-Factor will be, take a trip over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited where you can read David and Stroman's original X-FACTOR teaming.
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      Larry Stroman's work on X-Factor during Secret Invasion was awful.  It looked like bar napkin doodles.  It was probably extremely rushed, but I expected more.