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Unlimited Highlights

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Highlights: Hammer Time

5 awesome Thor comics available in the MDCU collection

Hark! The Odinson hath returned—and he's bigger and better than ever. With issue #7 of the hot new THOR series hitting shops this past Wednesday and the recently announced THOR: AGES OF THUNDER limited series launching in early summer, fans of the fair-haired Thunder God never had it so good. To celebrate all this awesome Thor-ness going on, this week's MDCU Highlights takes a look at some gems starring the Mighty one ready for perusing in the digital catalog.


JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83 So begineth the adventure! The legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby birth another Marvel superstar in the pages of this historic 1962 classic. On the run from invading alien uglies, Dr. Donald Blake discovers the long hidden hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, deep within a cave. Now, endowed with the strength and power of a god, the good doctor takes the fight to the meanies, teaching 'em a lesson about threatening li'l old earth.

THOR #350

THOR #350 Get ready to Ragnorak n' Roll! All kinds of hoopla breaks loose in this epic story by THOR visionary Walter Simonson. Asgard prepares for war as enemy forces march their way up towards Odin's front door through Midgard and Thor leads his allies in one great push to stop them from reaching the Rainbow Bridge and their ultimate goal – the invasion and complete distruction of Asgard!


THOR: SON OF ASGARD #1 Critically acclaimed manga writer Akira Yoshida crafts the "Stand By Me" of Norse mythology in this tale of adolescent discovery and adventure. Charged by the All-Father, Thor, Sif, and Balder embark on a quest to retrieve four ancient items needed to be forged into an enchanted blade for Odin. But when Asgard's own Corey Feldman, the nefarious Loki, learns of their mission, he just can't help himself from toying with the teenie-boppers to ensure their failure and humiliation before all of the kingdom.


LOKI #1 Loki: Master of Asgard?!?! Revisionist history runs wild when the trickster god holds the pen. Odin has been overthrown, a broken Thor sits in the shadows of a dungeon, and all of Asgard dare not look upon their new tyrant king. Read on to see Loki learn how sometimes, getting exactly what you wish for doesn't end up being all you thought it would be.


As Thor and the Warriors Three scour the globe in search of magical artifacts, they roll up on the beefy Hercules, indulging himself in wine and women – no, literally, he's canoodling with a dozen chicks in a river of sweet, sweet wine – and in possession of one of these such items: the magic pig of Dionysius. Mistaking Thor for a threat, a drunk Herc attacks the Odinson for a throw-down of mythic proportions.
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