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Secret Invasion Prologue Now Free

Get ready for Secret Invasion #1 with this special 7-page prologue, now free for everyone



UPDATED 3/31/08: The 7-page SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE is now free for everyone! Check out the story that directly sets up SECRET INVASION #1! Subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited received an extra-special treat today with an exclusive seven-page PROLOGUE story to this summer's most highly-anticipated event, "Secret Invasion!"

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Written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Leinil Yu, the creative team behind the upcoming mini-series, the SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE leads directly into the first issue and absolutely can't be missed! But this exclusive first look is only available to subscribers for its first week, so if your "Secret Invasion" itch needs scratching, now's the time to check out everything Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited has in store! So get ready subscribers and click HERE for your exclusive first look at SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE! Not a member of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Don't wait another second! Join now! Who do you trust? Learn more about Secret Invasion now at!
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