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MDCU Creator Spotlight

Digital Comics Creator Spotlight: Mark Bagley

Executive Editor Ralph Macchio recalls his time working with Mark Bagley on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN

Every week, we'll tap one creator to browse Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and pick their favorite issue they've worked on from the expansive catalog. This week: Marvel Executive Editor Ralph Macchio shares some of his favorite ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN issues by artist Mark Bagley, who says goodbye to Marvel this week with MIGHTY AVENGERS #11.
"One of my favorite all-time ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN arcs was "Warriors" which ran from issues #79-85. "I loved the first two issues #79 and #80 for several reasons. First, we got reintroduced to Ultimate Moon Knight and Elektra. [writer] Brian [Bendis'] take on both—especially MK, was really offbeat. And it was an organized crime storyline with lots of shadowy characters, rooftop vigils and the Kingpin!


"I was so impressed with how the Kingpin was able to put Spidey in this very awkward ethical situation. Fisk wanted his street competition, Hammerhead, taken down, but instead of having one of his goons do the dirty deed he brought Spider-Man to his office and showed him how evil a man Hammerhead was, thus putting our hero in a position of almost having to go after Hammerhead for the sake of innocent civilians. However, by getting rid of Hammerhead, Spidey was also helping Wilson Fisk out which was abhorrent to him. Brian did such a fine job of creating this ethical dilemma for Spider-Man, I loved


it. "And, of course, Mark Bagley's visuals were, as always, a feast for the eye. He long ago had made this book his, and it showed on this arc, big time. "It was a great crime story, beautifully illustrated, with so many cool Ult. Spidey supporting characters. It was a good one."
Check out more of Mark Bagley and much, much more at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

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