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What's Happened To The X-Men?

In the wake of Messiah CompleX, there are no more X-Men...but what does this mean for those mutants who once united under Xavier's dream? X-MEN DIVIDED WE STAND BOOK 1 (of 2) sets up the new status quo for mutantkind, with an all star creator lineup including Mike Carey (X-MEN: LEGACY), Matt Fraction (upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN, IMMORTAL IRON FIST), Craig Kyle (X-FORCE), Christopher Yost (X-FORCE), Skottie Young (NEW X-MEN), Brandon Peterson (ULTIMATE VISION), Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram) and Sana Takeda (Drain)! Wrapped in a gorgeous cover by Peterson, this can't-miss X-special follows your favorite mutants as they adapt to this bold new world. What's happened to Cannonball and Husk? What did Nightcrawler do after Messiah CompleX? How disbanding the X-Men affect Storm, Black Panther and Neznho? And what about your favorite New X-man, Anole? Plus, there's also an additional, previously unsolicited story starring Hellion and guest-starring Magneto! "Before I'm even asked, yes, the stories impact several of the big X-Books, like UNCANNY X-MEN and YOUNG X-MEN," says X-Editor Nick Lowe. "But the best part is that these stories peel back the curtain on some of your favorite X-Characters. The writers and artists REALLY rose to the challenge of their 8-pagers." Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on all X-Men titles, as the Divided We Stand tie-ins continue to sell out at Diamond and generate buzz. After the X-Men end, were does it leave the mutants who fought the good fight? Find out in X-MEN DIVIDED WE STAND BOOK 1! X-MEN DIVIDED WE STAND BOOK 1 (of 2) (FEB082260) Written by MIKE CAREY, MATT FRACTION, CRAIG KYLE, CHRISTOPHER YOST and SKOTTIE YOUNG Pencils by BRANDON PETERSON, JAMIE MCKELVIE, SANA TAKEDA and SKOTTIE YOUNG Cover by BRANDON PETERSON Rated T+...$3.99 FOC-3/27/08, On-Sale-4/16/08 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook
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