Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion Infiltrates

Read the first 10 pages of Secret Invasion #1 right now!




SECRET INVASION hits the mainstream! Entertainment Weekly now has a super-cool 10-page preview of SECRET INVASION #1 available on their website. Written and drawn by the creative team supreme of Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu, check out the very beginning of this summer's most hotly anticipated mini-series, on sale one week from today! With the Skrull menace gaining steam, Marvel's heroes set out to get to the bottom of the situation… but who can they trust? And can the invasion be stopped, or have the Avengers and their allies already lost? Don't look to us for answers, True Believers—you'll have to go read it yourself!


And don't forget to read the 7-page SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE, available exclusively on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. The event years in the making kicks off April 2 when SECRET INVASION #1 hits the shelves! All your questions will receive answers in one of the most shocking stories in Marvel's history… only a Skrull would miss out on this! Who do you trust? Learn more about Secret Invasion now at!

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