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MDCU Storyline Spotlight

Digital Comics Storyline Spotlight: Who is the Black Panther?

"Who is the Black Panther?" Read it now!

Each week we highlight a classic storyline told in full inside Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, the greatest collection of Marvel comics available online! This week we focus on Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr.'s stunning debut story arc on the current BLACK PANTHER series, "Who is the Black Panther?"
With Wakanda as a major world superpower, questions swirl regarding the nation's ruler. "Who is the Black Panther?" Everyone wants the answer to that question in current scribe Reginald Hudlin's debut arc! Redefining the Panther's history for the 21st century, Hudlin offered readers a vision of Wakanda unlike any they'd seen before. But don't think that means a story as dry as your seventh grade social studies class, because the action never stops this time around! With the likes of Klaw, the Rhino and the Radioactive Man hounding the Black Panther and ravaging the streets of Wakanda, Marvel's resident royal son has his work cut out for him! What, still waiting for us to tell you who the Black Panther is? Don't hold your breath, Marvelite! Instead, check out all six issues of Hudlin and Romita Jr.'s "Who is the Black Panther?", all available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now!

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