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Marvel's Young Guns

MARVEL's Young Guns are the forefront of a wave of young artists laying down the law and defining the future of comic books. These hotshots artists are the creators to watch over the next few years as they continue and expand on the House of Ideas' tradition of innovation and excellence.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what MARVEL editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has to say about each of MARVEL's Young Guns:

Joe says: I first brought Trevor in to do Marvel Knights work for me. I knew from day one that we were looking at someone with Bryan Hitch-level potential. A true classic artist with incredible rendering skills.
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Joe says: It's a new age for comics and the world of illustration. Adi has already redefined how CGI and painted comics are done and the way they look and feel. I believe Adi's unique style will inspire a new generation of artists, just as the work of another painter named Alex did years ago.
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Joe says: Here's a young artist who hit his stride elsewhere, but has now come back to the House of Ideas. He perfectly mixes his unique style with a keen understanding of how to tell a story and bigger than life dynamics.

Joe says: Dave's the oldest of our Young Guns, but he's new to Marvel where he's proved himself as one of the best draftsman working in comics. He's defining the look and feel of the Avengers just as George Perez did 20 years ago!
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Joe says: He hasn't even been at Marvel for a year and already, 75% of the portfolios I'm looking at are all McNiven wannabes. That tells you something about this guy's universal commercial appeal. Truly one of the most uniquely commercial styles I've ever seen. The sky's the limit.
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Joe says: Since day one at Marvel I coveted having this guy on our team. Another one of the best-kept secrets in comics -- Olivier has stepped up and is doing the best work of his career. Some of the shots he's putting on the page are unlike ANYTHING we've seen in comics!
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