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Wizard World Philadelphia 2007

Wizard World Philadelphia 2007: Marvel Comics Presents

The full scoop on the return of Marvel's flagship anthology series

By Eric Drumm

Marvel Comics
Presents #1
interior art

Like our own universe (so some theories state), the Marvel Universe is ever expanding. Luckily, the House of Ideas never wants to limit itself. Where there's a will (and a good story), there's a way. Behold the return of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS, the classic anthology series. Beginning in September, the series is set to run 12 issues and feature a wide variety of talent, characters and stories. Spanning across the Marvel Universe, MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS is set to be yet another place to catch your favorite heroes and villains doing their thing. What sets this book apart from the others? We tapped (now former) editor Andy Schmidt to fill us in. "It's an anthology," Schmidt states, matter-of-factly.

Marvel Comics
Presents #1
interior art

"I know that's not a fun word for most people, but here's the thing: this isn't Marvel Try-Out Hour. There are some new faces to Marvel and everyone working on the book has a love for the characters. You'll see everything from told-in-one stories to 12-part long epics! All of your favorite Marvel heroes will be appearing and we're telling stories that show them in a new light or have a new twist. We didn't want to put out a book with Marvel's name in the title that sucks--so we took our time pulling this together and we've got a great lineup of talent and stories." With such a long and illustrious history here at Marvel, there is quite a pool to draw stories from for MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS. We'll be seeing stories from the Golden Age all the way up to the current Marvel U., and Schmidt tells us it's the variety that is the real hook. "There's a good mix in the book," adds Schmidt. "We're trying to balance the issues with classic favorites, old golden characters and even creating a few new ones. Remember Cold Blood? Yeah, you do. He was created in the first MCP, and look what happened to him!" he cackled.

Marvel Comics
Presents #1
interior art

So what are some of the superstar creators involved in the project? The range of the storytelling goes the same for the talent, Schmidt tells us. "It's a mix of both classic, and current. Marc Guggenheim is doing a 12-part story and Stuart Immonen and Chris Gage have larger stories coming up. We've got some new faces to Marvel too. Folks from other publishers and animation and such. It's top-notch people." Without question, fans will be rabid to get their mitts on the upcoming release. Get ready to add MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS to your pull list, monthly starting in September!
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