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MDCU Creator Spotlight

Digital Comics Spotlight: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

The upcoming SECRET INVASION: FANTASTIC FOUR writer flashes back to his first FF tour of duty

Every week, we'll tap one creator to browse Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and pick their favorite issue they've worked on from the expansive catalog. This week: upcoming SECRET INVASION: FANTASTIC FOUR writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

4 #4

"Looking back on the work I've done for Marvel so far-and the greatest is yet to come, I hope-a story that stands out for me is the fourth issue of MARVEL KNIGHTS 4. [It's] a Reed-centric story in which he really looks at what makes a hero, and where he finds hope-for himself, for his family-in a conversation with a man who is literally at the end of his own rope. "It's a quiet story, no fists are thrown, but it digs deep, peeling back the layers on a character I was feeling very unsure about: the smartest man in the Marvel Universe. It also, in a way, set the tone for most of the rest of the series, proving that it would be "okay" to focus on the more [human] aspects of the Fantastic Four. That those were stories worth telling and exploring. That sometimes the vagaries and mysteries of the human heart are as profoud and compelling as the mysteries of, say, the Negative Zone."
Check out more of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and much, much more at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited
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