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Iron Man Month

Digital Comics Highlights: Iron Man and the Avengers

Five comics featuring Shellhead and the Avengers

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. The Month of Iron Man kicks off today, which means that every Wednesday in April we'll bring you another Digital Highlights taking a look at some of the Golden Avenger's greatest adventures in our library! First up, we've got five gems featuring the Avengers, a team Tony Stark helped form lo those many years ago. Check out these stories and more, all available now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.


AVENGERS #1 Witness the birth of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in their very first appearance, back in the days when Iron Man rocked the stove-pipe armor! Wherever Loki goes, mayhem follows...but this time, Thor needs some help stopping the God of Mischief. Calling upon some of Marvel's biggest names at the time-including the Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp and, of course, Iron Man-the Avengers came about to combat the threats no hero could face individually, and give us some great adventures in the meantime!


AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES #3 When the Avengers need some deep pockets for fancy toys and Quinjets, having a billionaire on the team doesn't hurt. Joe Casey and Scott Kolins re-imagine the early days of the Avengers, examining the decisions that made them the team we know and love! When the U.S. military comes knocking on Avengers Mansion's door, Iron Man must decide whether or not to put the Avengers in the government's employ...but will the rest of the Avengers agree with his decision?


AVENGERS V2 #6 Remember "Heroes Reborn" and its awesome sweetness? Well we do, and this particularly amazing issue brought Iron Man and the Avengers together for the first time all over again! With the Hulk rampaging his way through the Avengers' headquarters, all sorts of chaos ensues...but can even Iron Man help stop him? And who cares when you've got this much great punchy-punchy super hero action?! All this, plus the "Heroes Reborn" version of the Fantastic Four, all gorgeously drawn by Ian Churchill!


NEW AVENGERS #1 After the events of "Avengers: Disassembled," Earth's Mightiest Heroes have disbanded...and it couldn't have happened at a worse time! This story lays the groundwork for SECRET INVASION (kicking off today, True Believers) with a jail break on the Raft that leaves hundreds of innocents at the mercy of some of Marvel's deadliest villains. In a world this dangerous, Tony Stark quickly realizes a new Avengers team must rise from the ashes, bringing together some of Marvel's top heroes to form the New Avengers!


MARVEL ADVENTURES: THE AVENGERS #1 When the government runs into a few snags with Ultron, their new defense system, the Avengers lend a helping hand in the debut issue of this all-ages series! Unlike other soldiers, though, Ultron doesn't stand for taking orders from any one! Check out all the cover-to-cover action in the mighty Marvel Adventures manner featuring the Avengers in one of their greatest line-ups ever! Need to catch up on your Iron Man reading? Looking for the perfect stories starring Ol' Shellhead? Check out our list of the 10 Collections marked as required reading by any Iron Man fan! For more Iron Man, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. And remember: "Iron Man" comes to a theater near you on May 2! Visit the official "Iron Man" movie site!

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