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Young Avengers: Unlimited Vision

YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS writer Paul Cornell sheds light on the newly youthful Vision, his romance with Cassie Lang, and more

Preview art by
Mark Brooks

By Tim Stevens Behold the new Vision...completely different than the old Vision? Well, yes and no. As Paul Cornell, writer of YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS #4, featuring the Vision, sees it, "there are foundations there" that make this Vision and his predecessor similar. For instance, both androids possess, according to the writer, "a thoughtfulness and care...a desire to work things through and not leap to hasty judgments. They also share passion, righteous anger." However, Cornell still concludes that this Vision "is a different man." This difference comes no doubt in part due to the current Vision having the memories of Young Avengers founder Iron Lad mixed in with his own, in much the same way the

Preview art by
Mark Brooks

original Vision once had Wonder Man's brain patterns grafted onto him. The situation often leaves Vision, in his own words, feel like "a movie based on Iron Lad's short story." "[All of us are] built of memories, some of which we can take or leave, some of which form us without us noticing," Cornell explains. It only makes sense that Vision would struggle with the question of who he is. This struggle has taken the android away from the spotlight for a time following the end of Civil War. Trying to find out where hardware and acquired memories end and he begins, per Cornell Vision has been, "travelling the world, disguising himself as various individuals to get around in the Sudan, New Zealand and Japan." He might have even had a close encounter with the writer while "he worked in

Preview art by
Mark Brooks

one of my favorite bars on a Kiwi beach." On this Vision quest-if you'll forgive the pun-the differences between the current and previous Visions began to become clear to the newer model. For one, while he might be an android and thus prone to self-seriousness, he's not all charts and equations. "He does have a sly sense of humor," Notes Cornell. "His passion is less repressed, more likely to go bang." While Vision still has a lot to figure about himself, he knows one thing for sure: he's got serious feelings for Cassie Lang, former Young Avenger known as Stature and daughter of the second Ant-Man. Acting on impulse, he returns to the United States and visits Stature at an Initiative training facility in YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS.

Preview art by
Mark Brooks

"[This leads to] a row about Cassie's honest, justified case for joining the Initiative, against the Vision taking a pivotal role for the other side in the Civil War," reveals Cornell. "They fight, they fight, they fight fight fight fight fight!" However, the scribe says not to lose all hope for a "big, golden, autumnal colorist genius romance" even as he praises artist Mark Brooks' ability to draw fantastic emotional scenes. Of course, a romance between a human super hero and an android again echoes the previous holder of the Vision name and his love affair with the Scarlet Witch, but Cornell assures we're seeing a whole new dynamic as well: "That was two serious grown up individuals trying to play being parents. This is two kids trying to reach across the space between them. This is hot young attraction." YOUNG AVENGERS PRESENTS #4 hit stands on April 23. For tales of the original Vision, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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