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Marvel Zombies

Zombie #1 . . . again!

Fourth Printing of Marvel Zombies #1: A New Cover!

Like the walking dead that keep coming and coming, so do the printings of this series of undead heroes. Now in a fourth printing of the first issue, a new cover splits eyeballs of the living everywhere as an undead Hulk rises. Reminiscient of a Hulk cover of yesteryear, this new one has a twist that makes it almost possible to smell a rotting Green Goliath. From the talented hand and demented mind of Arthur Suydam, these new takes on classic Marvel covers feature your favorite Marvel characters as you have never seen them before . . . mutilated and decomposing. Thanks to the success of Marvel Zombies, a 5-issue mini-series has spawned a gallery full of corpse-filled covers that you can find in stores and on Marvel.com. Grab a copy today before it completely decays off the shelf.



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