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Galactus and the Silver Surfer return in NOVA #13 and we've got your sneak peek at Wellinton Alves' interior art

NOVA #13 cover
by Alex Maleev

By Ben Morse On May 7, the Human Rocket may be pining for the calm and simple days of fighting off hordes of Phalanx when Rich Rider faces the return of Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer, in the pages of NOVA #13! In addition to acquiring a snapshot of the gorgeous interior work of artist Wellinton Alves for the upcoming cosmic conflagaration, Marvel.com played a game of word association with the intrepid artist and writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning regarding the trinity of titans they'll be tackling in this tale. NOVA Dan Abnett: Courage, determination, a sense of duty that sometimes pushes him beyond the means of his powers; although these days, he's in a whole new class. He still remembers who is is and where he came from, and has managed to hang on to some old fashioned human traits like comradeship, loyalty and a sense of fun. The best friend you can always count on.

Black and white
preview art by
Wellinton Alves

Andy Lanning: Human Rocket. Buckethead. Nova Corp. Xandar. Buscema! Wellinton Alves: Here is a guy that is really a super hero and friend with courage and determination. THE SILVER SURFER Dan Abnett: The Surfer means sleek speed and vast power, and a fine mix of the noble and the melancholy. As herald of Galactus, he manifests an implacable menace of his own. For a character who could come across as slightly wacky and lightweight-he's a dude who rides a surf board in space-he is never less than awe-inspiring, magnificent and utterly serious. Andy Lanning: Shiny. The Power Cosmic. Surfboard! Norrin Radd. Zenn-La. Mephisto. Buscema! Wellinton Alves: The Silver Surfer is power, a melancholy character with extreme cosmic powers, very solitary and living to serve his master. GALACTUS Dan Abnett: The most awesome presence in comics, a genuine sense of cosmic threat and one of the most memorable character designs ever. Plus, swirling Kirby energy and a fabulous hat.

Black and white
preview art by
Wellinton Alves

Andy Lanning: World Devourer. Purple. Really, really big! Fantastic Four. Ultimate Nullifier. Kirby! Wellinton Alves: A real universal god. The end of worlds. The real master of the universe. Remember: NOVA #13 heads your way on May 7-but you can read the first appearance of the Silver Surfer right now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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