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Civil War Checklist

At Long Last: The Complete Civil War Checklist

With the Civil War looming upon us, here is your first full chance to know what to expect-and where to find it! THERE IS CHANGE IN THE AIR For months, the world has wondered what happened to the Avengers? What happened to the mutants? What will happen next? Are we really safe? Who can we trust? EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION Since the early days of the Age of Marvels, a secret cabal has met to determine the fate of the many. After a difficult decision, this group begins to crumble. A rift is growing. The United States Government, bowing to rising public opinion, is faced with a decision that will affect all heroes, one that pits civil liberties against national safety. Their decision will affect everything. WARDRUMS ARE BEATING Plans are being made that many will rise against. Trust is faltering. One misstep, one wrong move will cause a disaster the likes of which have never been seen. Once this fuse is ignited, there is no stopping what is to come. LINES ARE DRAWN Friend will turn on friend. Many will be hunted & vilified. No one will be left unscarred, no team left unchanged. Unlikely alliances are formed, some to deadly consequences. Every hero will make choices that will alter the course of their lives; and every hero will pay for that choice, some greater than others. How far will some go in the name of what is right? The Age of Marvels is coming to an end. CIVIL WAR is upon us. Be sure to check off every issue on this Civil War checklist, and you can be sure to not miss a single page of the action.

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ddealss member

There is no checklist attached to this article. :-/


Uh... so where is it?