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Marvel Previews for July 2008

Mutant milestones, Hulk vs. Thor, Nick Fury's return and more!

Prepare yourselves for greatness, True Believers, as July brings a deuce of mutant milestones and the long-awaited return of SQUADRON SUPREME... plus, who are those new friends Nick Fury's brought with him? As always, for the full list head over to the July catalog!


UNCANNY X-MEN celebrates its 500th issue this month, complete with a gorgeous Alex Ross cover and the creative additions of Matt Fraction as co-writer and Terry Dodson as artist! Don't miss the issue that establishes the X-Men's all-new status quo! With a hot new headquarters in San Francisco and renewed purpose, Marvel's merry band of mutants kick-start their next era of greatness right here! Meanwhile, over in X-FORCE #5, the new covert-ops team comes face to face with...Archangel?! Has Warren Worthington III returned to the dark side? And with Bastion still on the loose and in control of the Purifiers, can Archangel's return mean anything good?


Wait a minute, wait a minute...When did Nick Fury join the Young Avengers?! Something funny's going on in SECRET INVASION #4, but we can't quite put our fingers on it. All this, plus more answers start rolling out in MIGHTY AVENGERS #16, featuring the full story on how the Skrulls replaced Elektra! The Invasion continues to spread throughout the entire Marvel universe, with the everyday citizens of Manhattan taking center stage in SECRET INVASION: FRONT LINE #1. Meanwhile, X-Factor and She-Hulk cross paths with each other and a whole slew of Skruglies in X-FACTOR #33 and SHE-HULK #31!


The white-hot creative team of writer Warren Ellis and artist Simone Bianchi kick off their explosive take on Cyclops and company with ASTONISHING X-MEN #25! Questions start to swirl as the X-Men become embroiled in a murder investigation...but what does that possibly have to do with them? You'll have to read to find out, as the X-Men's world continues its seismic shift with this "astonishing" new beginning! As SKY DOLL, the first series in Marvel's venture with French publisher Soleil, comes to a close, UNIVERSAL WAR ONE begins! When our Sky Doll heroine Noa becomes swept up in a Holy War, how will the different factions react to their revelation of her true powers? And UNIVERSAL WAR ONE spotlights a universe literally split in two by a galactic civil war. When a special group of soldiers known as the Purgatory Squadron sets out to unlock the mysteries of the black wall separating the two sides of the universe, what new mysteries will they uncover?


Hulk smash puny Asgardian thunder god! Thor pays a visit to the Red Hulk in HULK #5, giving fans the confrontation they missed in WORLD WAR HULK! Artist Ed McGuinness brings the sturm-und-drang in this slugfest, and if you don't believe us, just take a gander at that smash-tastic cover art to your right! July also brings you a bevy of awesome new collections! "Captain America: Rebirth" collects Mark Waid and Ron Garney's legendary first stint on the Sentinel of Liberty, and "Counter X Vol. 1" reprints some of Warren Ellis' earliest work on Marvel's mutants with the first eight issues of his re-imagining of X-FORCE! Plus, a Mini-Marvels digest lands in July!


Master of the form Howard Chaykin launches SQUADRON SUPREME 2 this July with artist Marco Turini! Picking up some time after the previous series' end, this debut issue re-introduces fans to the world of Squadron Supreme...but how has Ultimate Nick Fury's presence in that world changed it? Equal parts action and political intrigue, this is the perfect jumping-on point for anyone interested in seeing what all the buzz has been about! And speaking of creative change-ups, IMMORTAL IRON FIST #17 introduces the all-new writer-artist team of Duane Swierczynski and Travel Foreman! Continuing the kung-fu action-adventure story that is Danny Rand's life, the new team offers up fresh challenges and mysteries in "The Mortal Iron Fist"...and if that title isn't enough to pique your interest, True Believer, then we give up! For the full list, head over to the July catalog!



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