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Weekend Preview: X-Force #3

COVER BY: CLAYTON CRAIN WRITER: CHRISTOPHER YOST CRAIG KYLE PENCILS: CLAYTON CRAIN INKS: CLAYTON CRAIN COLORED BY: CLAYTON CRAIN LETTERED BY: VC - CORY PETIT THE STORY: ANGELS AND DEMONS As X-Force searches for their missing teammate, Wolfsbane strikes—and she's not taking any prisoners! But the Purifiers have more than an ace up their sleeve— they've got the deck stacked. And when Wolverine, X-23, and Warpath learn the truth behind Risman's nefarious plan…no one is safe. And no one is guaranteed to get out alive. Part 3 (of 6) Parental Advisory …$2.99 IN STORES: April 23, 2008
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