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New York Comic-Con 2008

NYCC '08: New Warriors Caught in Secret Invasion

Writer Kevin Grevioux talks about mistrust and paranoia being taken to the next level as old friends return

By Ben Morse The current crop of New Warriors doesn't boast the most stable team dynamics to begin with, but once the Skrulls hit Manhattan, look for this volatile powder keg of a group to explode this summer. But while his team points fingers at one another, Night Thrasher develops a conspiracy theory of his own. "Night Thrasher is shaken by the events of the Skrull invasion," reveals NEW WARRIORS writer Kevin Grevioux. "[They] lead him to believe that there is a chance the New Warriors killed at the start of Civil War might actually have been Skrulls. And thus the real team, including his brother Dwayne, could still be alive." However, the group of former New Warriors known as Counter Force that includes Justice and Rage and who have been making waves over in AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE have other thoughts.

#14 cover by
Nic Klein

"The old New Warriors look upon [Night Thrasher's recent behavior] as being strange and uncharacteristic of their old teammate," explains Grevioux. "[They think] perhaps Night Thrasher and [his] New Warriors are Skrulls. They take this time to go after them and do their part for the war effort." Even as they must fend off their predecessors, the New Warriors also face an insurgence from within, as their most vocal member chooses to make her stand. "Regular readers will finally get to see some of the trust issues come to a head, specifically those involving Wondra and Night Thrasher," promises series editor Daniel Ketchum. The clash between old and new begins in July with NEW WARRIORS #14 and continues to heat up through the summer and the Secret Invasion! For all the Marvel news and updates spinning out of New York Comic-Con 2008, visit our news hub. And for a great way to kill time in between announcements, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!



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