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New York Comic-Con 2008

NYCC '08: Secret Invasion Panel Report

By Marc Strom The Secret Invasion panel at New York Comic-Con just wrapped, and as always we've got a full report on everything you missed! In attendance were some of the House of Ideas' most beloved writers and editors, including Joe Quesada, Jim McCann, Bill Rosemann, Brian Reed, Andy Lanning, Dan Slott, Kevin Grevioux, Tom Brevoort, Christos Gage, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Axel Alonso, Jason Aaron and Daniel Way. First up: announcements! First shown was the Leinil Francis Yu variant to SECRET INVASION #2, a seemingly very-alive Mockingbird and Clint Barton in his original Hawkeye costume. Look for SECRET INVASION: THOR by writer Matt Fraction and an artist yet-to-be-named. We could tell you who it is...but we'd have ta kill ya. Secret Invasion hits the galactic heroes this August, with tie-ins in NOVA and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. DEADPOOL also begins in August from the creative team of scribe Daniel Way and artist Paco Medina, with the first three issues tying into "Secret Invasion." Brian Reed writes the three-issue SECRET INVASION: SPIDER-MAN mini-series, bringing the web-slinger into conflict with the invading forces. Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada then opened the floor up to questions from the fans, in which the creators on stage let a few more tidbits slip: SECRET INVASION: X-MEN will feature the new team assembled in future issues of UNCANNY X-MEN going head-to-head with the Skrulls. Namor most definitely plays a role in SECRET INVASION. The new FRONT LINE series-by writer Brian Reed-will take the title literally, showing what it's like for the regular joes on the front line of Earth's war with the Skrulls. Reed joked that "Bendis is writing Godzilla and I'm writing Cloverfield." We'll find out how the "Secret Invasion" ties into "Annihilation," "World War Hulk" and "Civil War" in NEW AVENGESR #43. Super-Skrull appears in NOVA #16-#18. One of the series writers, Andy Lanning, confirmed that Super-Skrull is a Skrull. You heard it here first, fokls! Since Super-Skrull is the father of She-Hulk's partner Jazinda, fans can expect that NOVA #16 will lead into SHE-HULK #32. For all the Marvel news and updates spinning out of New York Comic-Con 2008, visit our news hub. And for a great way to kill time in between announcements, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!
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