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Iron Man Month

Iron Man: A Little Help From His Friends

Meet some of Tony Stark's closest friends and worst enemies

May 2 brings the "Iron Man" premiere, and when it hits Tony Stark will take some of his greatest supporting characters with him to the big screen! Need to beef up on your Iron Man history before heading out to the megaplex in less than two short weeks? Then have no fear, True Believer, 'cause we've got you covered! So pull up a chair and pay attention, class, because here we go!

Pepper Potts

PEPPER POTTS When Virginia "Pepper" Potts first accepted a job as a secretary for Stark International, little did she suspect she would one day virtually run the company. Before the events that turned Tony Stark into Iron Man, the billionaire industrialist would shirk most of his responsibilities to Pepper, choosing instead to spend less time in the board room and more in the club. While working for Tony, Pepper first met her future husband Harold "Happy" Hogan, then working as Stark's chauffer. The two eventually left the company, but rejoined Tony much later. Following her husband's recent tragic death, Pepper helps lead the Los Angeles-based super team the Order at Tony's request.

James Rhodes

JAMES RHODES Shortly after Iron Man saved a helicopter flown by James Rhodes, the Armored Avenger's "employer" Tony Stark offered Rhodes a job as his personal pilot. The two quickly became good friends, and Rhodes watched helplessly as Stark's alcoholism became more and more prominent. "Rhodey" wore the Iron Man armor for an extended period of time after Obadiah Stane succeeded in taking Stark's company from him and caused the former millionaire to relapse and begin drinking again. After Tony recovered and reclaimed his iron mantel, Rhodes donned a new version of the armor, nick-named the "War Machine." These days War Machine trains young super heroes on how to use their abilities as part of the Fifty-State Initiative.

Obadiah Stane

OBADIAH STANE One of Tony Stark's most dangerous foes, Obadiah Stane managed to defeat the Golden Avenger as no one else has before or since, and all without any super powers of his own! The corporate CEO's very hostile takeover of Stark International left Tony living on the streets. After finding one of the inventor's notebooks, Stane set out to design his own armor, eventually creating the Iron Monger just in time to match armors with Stark, who made his triumphant return as Iron Man. Shamed by his defeat, Stane turned his repulsor on himself before Shellhead could stop him. Need to catch up on your Iron Man reading? Looking for the perfect stories starring Ol' Shellhead? Check out our list of the 10 Collections marked as required reading by any Iron Man fan! For more Iron Man, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. And remember: "Iron Man" comes to a theater near you on May 2! Visit the official "Iron Man" movie site!

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