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The Mighty Marvel Podcast

Podcast Alert: Iron Man the Main Attraction for Carnivale Creator

<a href='/rss/podcasts/Iron_Man_podcast.mp3'>Download the podcast here!</a>

b-b-b-beep-b-beep-b-beep...picking up a podcast signal from Iron Man's helmet... It looks as though circus freaks and bearded women wasn't enough for Daniel Knauf, the creator of HBO's Emmy-award winning dramatic series Carnivale. Now he's teaming up with his son Charles Knauf and turning to the technical trials and tribulations of Iron Man. The Knaufs are slated to take the reigns this spring and are scheduled for a spectacular six issue story arc. We were fortunate enough to get some time with the Knaufs and took that chance to record a podcast, giving us some better insight into their Iron Man and where they'd like to take him. "What I love about Iron Man is that he's the one super hero who doesn't eclipse his alter-ego," says Daniel Knauf. "Tony Stark is a very complex, messed-up dude. This is a guy who desperately wants to help the human race, but his creative energy is almost exclusively dedicated to weapons design. What's wrong with that picture?" While Daniel Knauf - whose impressive credits also include the films Blind Justice and Dark Descent as well as the CBS series Wolf Lake - is no stranger to creative writing, this series will mark his first comic book effort. "This arc will put Iron Man through the wringer," says Knauf. "I really want to dial in with big, monumental fights and action sequences, while taking Tony to some very dark places, forcing himself to face some hard truths as to what it really means to be a hero and that, sometimes, 'meaning well' is simply not enough. To get Marvel Podcasts delivered to you, simply cut and paste the following URL into your favorite podcast player: http://www.marvel.com/rss/podcasts.xml



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