Sold Out Issues of X-Force Return With A Vengeance



You wanted it, now you've got it! After an overwhelming demand for the sold out issues of X-FORCE #1-3, Marvel is proud to announce X-FORCE: LEGACY OF VENGEANCE, collecting the first three chapters of this red hot storyline! From the phenomenal writing duo of Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle (NEW X-MEN), featuring, absolutely stunning art by rising star artist Clayton Crain, this "X-Men; Divided We Stand" tie-in reveals the future of mutantkind! Following the Earth-shattering events of the smash hit "Messiah CompleX," Cyclops has put together a brand-new dark-ops team that only he and members Wolverine, X-23, Warpath and Rahne know about. There are lines that the X-Men have sworn never to cross, but the X-Men are no more and some enemies need to be dealt with -- permanently. This book has it all: Purifiers, the classic X-villain Bastion, and action that only a team led by Wolverine can bring. All this is wrapped in a new vibrant X-Force cover that you'll need to see to believe! Francis Davis of says "X-Force is a compelling must read." and Kevin Powers of says "Anyone who likes mutants, military operations, Wolverine-esque violence and pure bad-assery is sure to love this title, because you get all of that rolled into one." The events in Messiah CompleX shook the X-Men to their core and this special one-shot is a perfect look into how the all-new, all-different X-Force take on their first mission—but will they survive the X-perience? Don't miss your chance to catch up on these sold-out issues in X-FORCE: LEGACY OF VENGEANCE! X-FORCE: LEGACY OF VENGEANCE (MAR088081) Written by CRAIG KYLE & CHRIS YOST Penciled by CLAYTON CRAIN Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN Rated T+…$4.99 FOC—5/08/08, On-Sale—5/28/08 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook

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