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Wizard World Los Angeles 2007

Wizard World LA: X-Men Panel Report

By Ryan Penagos
We're updating live from the X-Men panel in LA. It's about five minutes to the start of the panel and fans are still filing in. Tom Brevoort is sitting in the audience, waiting to see what's in store for Marvel's Merry Mutants. Jim McCann's just started the panel to uproarious applause. Onboard for this panel are C.B. Cebulski, Chris Gage, Andy Schmidt, Craig Kyle, Chris Yost and Peter David. This looks to be a fun one. Astonishing X-Men is wrapping up. Sadness and melancholy. X-Men #200 is coming. The quadruple gatefold X-Men #200 cover is shown and it features every character who's ever officially been an X-Man. Well...there are actually four characters missing. Can you figure out who? Uncanny X-Men is up next. Salvador Larroca is penciling an arc in which Storm returns to the X-Men. Don't worry, though, Billy Tan is still on the book! More love for World War Hulk: X-Men. People want Juggernaut in the book and Gage is trying very hard to get him in there. New X-Men! I'll say it right now: I love that friggin' book. Skottie Young's jumping aboard the title with the Quest for Magic storyline. Check out our Skottie Young story for some interesting bits! New Excalibur will be facing off with Albion soon. Jeremy Haun on art. Tight! Exiles is heading towards issue #100. Look for big things on that book! X-Factor gets a big round of applause. These fans love their Peter David. There's a mutant (and depowered mutant) terrorist cell (X-Cell? Excel?) who thinks there's an anti-mutant government conspiracy going on. Dun dun dun! Khoi Pham is doing a fill-in run on X-Factor. C.B. Cebulski Wolverine vs. Sabretooth: the final round! Pick up Cable & Deadpool in June. Schmidt and McCann both say it's going to be huge. I believe them! Wolverine Origins has plenty of stuff coming up. Madripoor! X-Men: First Class is now an ongoing series! See our story for the full scoop. ANNOUNCEMENT! X-Men Endangered Species! We've got a big info-packed story. X-Men: Read it now! Brubaker just arrived! Apparently he was palling around with Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell. The sideshow part is over and it's quesiton time! The Collective in the X-books? Nope. He's in Omega Flight. There's a good chance Sinister will be be showing up in Endangered Species. There're big plans for him. Someone disturbed Ed Brubaker's text messaging to talk about Storm. She'll be in X-Men for the next five issues! After that...well, you'll have to wait and see. Juggernaut with helmet or without helmet? Everyone says with helmet! There's a Beast poll going on in the room. Who wants Avengers era monkey Beast? Cat Beast? No fur, big hand Beast? Monkey Beast gets the crowd very pumped. Ilyana Rasputin will be in New X-Men and Mystic Arcana. But Mystic Arcana takes place in the past. The House of M Ilyana? Kyle and Yost love to tease. Someone brought up the idea of Xtreme being the third Summers brother. But Vulcan is the official third Summers brother. Don't look for many Xtreme appearances in the future. X-Factor #21 will have a major "holy crap" moment towards the end of the issue. Layla Miller finds out something she didn't know. It'll be jaw-dropping enough to make people say, "huh?" Calisto will be in the X-Cell group. With arms! No tentacles! Hot damn! Eye patch? Possibly! Peter David's leaving the panel now to head to a signing. He's gotten a big round of applause. Rock star! Iceman has a big role in X-Men. If you're a fan of Bobby Drake, keep reading. A Starjammers book? Ed Brubaker's written them a lot lately, but maybe Chris Yost would like to pen the book? Nothing on tap, though. Teases! Look for the Books of Destiny to make a return in July. Details? Not yet. Andy Schmidt loves Lockheed. He made Chris Gage put that lil' purple dragon in World War Hulk: X-Men. There's talk about X-Force. But talk is cheap. There could be a complete Onslaught event trade paperback collection. Ricochet will be in Loners. There'll be some other former and forgotten mutants showing up in Avengers: The Initiative. Oh, McCann just said something he maybe shouldn't have? Hmm! Magneto? He's on the cover to X-Men #200. No real plans to talk about him at this time. Andy Schmidt isn't sure there are plans for Magneto. Sure, sure. He may be in Uncanny X-Men, according to Brubaker. There's a lot of confusing double-speak going on here! Check out the video when it's up. It's a hoot. Look for many, many, many mutants to show up in Endangered Species. But the main man? Beast! What's going on with Gambit? He's been with Sinister, right? Stay tuned! There are plans. If Magneto shows back up, he'll be shades of gray. Not pure good or evil. That's what House of M does to people. Messes 'em up, good! Where's Wolverine's berserker rage gone? No where! Look for plenty of angry Wolverine action in Wolverine and Wolverine Origins. Schmidt says Wolvie's "full of hate." Would you like to see a crossover with the Young Avengers and the New X-Men? Yost and Kyle would love to. It's been talked about, but who knows. There's plenty of stuff going on for both teams in the coming months. Astonishing post-Whedon. News to come! The Endangered Species back-ups are eight additional pages in X-Men, New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and X-Force. You'll still get your regular 22 pages, plus the back-ups for the same price. Word! Forge! Look for him soon. "He'll be inventing stuff," according to Schmidt. Sounds about right. There'll be plenty of Sentinels stuff coming up. Dark Beast? He's coming back. Lightning round! Quicksilver repowering mutants? Maybe. Nate Grey? Ask Jeph Loeb. Firestar? Retired! More 12-parters in Uncanny? Nope. Brubaker says the last two issues of the Fall of the Shi'Ar are like five issues of non-stop violence. Fun for the whole family! More NYX? Yes! Stryfe? Schmidt doesn't want to talk about it. Exiles in 616? Keep reading. X-Men #200 has three covers. Finch, Bachalo and Ramos! And you'll be able to get posters of the Finch cover. Color and black/white versions! Ooh, Thunderbird III and Warpath aren't on the cover. Aaaaand, it's over. Check out all our Wizard World LA coverage.



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