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Iron Man: Monster Mash

Before Shellhead battles Fin Fang Foom in IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS, we pit him against some other monstrous foes

Preview art by
Adi Granov

By Craig Tello Normally, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that won't be the case this time if the Invincible Iron Man can't suppress flame-loogeying dragon Fin Fang Foom's fiery pillage. Beginning this week, IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS, a four-issue limited written by "Iron Man" film director Jon Favreau with art by the acclaimed Adi Granov, sees Shellhead step off the silver screen to combat one of the Marvel Universe's biggest threats. Against the much feared Foom, this could be one crap shoot that even Tony Stark can't overcome. While you anxiously await the Sin City showdown between Iron Man and the deadly dragon from the stars, check out how Tony Stark would match up against some of the big screen's baddest beasties.

Preview art by
Adi Granov

Godzilla The O.G. of the massive-monster-crushes-an-entire-metropolis genre, Godzilla stands as the benchmark of scaly city-smashers. The big G sent plenty of elderly Japanese men screaming like banshees for their huts and in more modern times, essentially squashed the legitimacy of Matthew Broderick's acting career. With his familiar bellow and light-up spine plates, none could conquer the upright lizard, from Mothra to Rodan. Godzilla boasts his own Hollywood Star, plus an MTV Lifetime Achievement Award. What Would Iron Man Do? A uni-beam/repulsor blast combo followed by a potent proton cannon blast to the teeth would get Godzilla reeling. Seizing the lizard by its tail, Shellhead could then call in his Mighty Avengers to collectively deport the lethal lizard. T-Rex in San Diego ("Jurassic Park: The Lost World") After the T-rex from the original "Jurassic Park" gets shipped off the faraway island to U.S. soil, entertainment ensues as the 365 million-year-displaced dinosaur slams a city bus, chases down flocks of Californians in the downtown metro hub, and even gulps down a puppy, leash and all. Ruthless.

Preview art by
Adi Granov

What Would Iron Man Do? Generating a holographic projection of a stegosaurus, Iron Man would lure the T-rex away from civilians where he'd levy a stunning repulsor ray. Outing the lights, Stark-in his space travel-equipped suit-could then personally deliver the dino back to the Cretaceous. Chernabog ("Fantasia") The name might not ring a bell, but this satanic hellspawn made the ominous music composition, "Night On Bald Mountain," come to fiendish life in Disney's masterpiece, "Fantasia." Concealed as a mountaintop above a simple village by day, Chernabog controlled ghouls, goblins and other malevolent minstrels-i.e. naked fire women-by night. What Would Iron Man Do? Chernabog has a key weakness for the Armored Avenger to exploit: it hates light. Any of the armored hero's many gadgets would blind the behemoth and send him back up his bald mountain...until the next nightfall at least.

Preview art by
Adi Granov

King Kong The most massive miracle in the history of 34th Street, even New York City couldn't contain the awesome ape called Kong as he bashed skyscrapers and jets alike to be crowned the King of the Urban Jungle. What Would Iron Man Do? With the ape perched atop Avengers Tower, a little tickle via smart bomb salvo would send Kong crashing to Columbus Circle below. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man As you can tell, between overgrown gorillas and grotesque xenomorphs, New York City just can't catch a break. But things took a turn for the worse when 112 feet of swollen, sugary satisfaction became an ectoplasmic powerhouse of destruction in the original "Ghostbusters" flick. What Would Iron Man Do? Simple use of the ol' boot thrusters would melt Stay Puft to a marshmallowy puddle. Then, all we'd need would be a graham cracker giant and some chocolate goliath nearby for a city-wide S'more feast! IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS #1 flies into stores this Wednesday, May 7. Before the showdown, check out more Fin Fang Foom on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.
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