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Marvel at Wizard World Philadelphia 2007

Your hub for all the news, info, photos and panels direct from the City of Brotherly Love

Marvel rocks
WW Philly 2007

Updated - 6/18/07 Wizard World made it's way through the City of Brotherly Love, and we here at Marvel unloaded some huge announcements. If you didn't make it down to Philadelphia don't worry, we kept on top of all the details so you can be as up to date as those who attended. What you need to know: -Mondo Marvel Panel Report -First art and details on CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE CHOSEN -First art and details on ANGEL: REVELATIONS -First art and details on MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS -Spider-Man: One More Day Panel Report -Video interview with Terry Moore, talking about Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane -Editor Steve Wacker talks Brand New Day and Amazing Spider-Man thrice monthly -Brian Michael Bendis Super Fun Time Halo Panel Report -Who Do you Trust? Talking Skrulls with Brian Michael Bendis -Pulling back the curtain of the Ultimate Universe with Brian Michael Bendis and ULTIMATE ORIGIN -Get the 411 on all things Bendis as we talk to him about renewing his contract with the House of Ideas -World War Hulk Panel Report -Cup 'O Joe Panel Report -First art and details on MESSIAH COMPLEX -What's going on with the Jade Giantess? Find out as we talk to Peter David about taking over SHE-HULK -First art and details on AVENGERS: HOUSE OF M The official Marvel Wizard World Philadelphia 2007 Photo Gallery Marvel's Wizard World Philly 2007 sketchbook Marvel's Wizard World Philly 2007 Toy Gallery
You can also check out our past convention coverage form this year to get a peak at the kind of stuff you can expect from us here at the House of Ideas. Wizard World Los Angeles New York Comic Con

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