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Unlimited Highlights

Digital Comics Highlights: Galactus!

Five tales featuring the World-Devourer

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. *Whew!* After five Digital Comics Highlights focusing on Iron Man's hallowed history, we're taking a break from ol' Shellhead to look at another titanic presence in the Marvel U...one of the Fantastic Four's greatest villains, the planet-eating Galactus. Making his return this week in NOVA #13, now's the time to check out some of the greatest stories featuring the universe's hungriest giant, all available on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!


FANTASTIC FOUR #75 A little more than two years after his first appearance in FANTASTIC FOUR #48 (also available in our digital library), Galactus returns to Earth searching for his ex-herald, the Silver Surfer...and threatens to destroy the planet if the Fantastic Four won't help find the rider of the spacewaves! But with the Surfer cruising through the microverse, it's time for the fabulous foursome to explore some uncharted territory once again! Add in some evil doppelgangers and you've got yourself a regular fiesta, Marvel style!


FANTASTIC FOUR #257 When Galactus pays a visit to the Skrull throneworld, you know it can't end well...especially if you're a Skrull! At death's door, Galactus has no choice but to feed off the life energies of the Skrulls' home, unwittingly setting the stage for a little story called "Secret Invasion" as a result! Witness the full force of Galactus' power cosmic unleashed upon an unsuspecting planet, masterfully depicted by legendary Fantastic Four writer/artist John Byrne! Meanwhile, back at the home front, the Fantastic Four recover from a trying battle with Annihilus as Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman come to a life-changing decision!


FANTASTIC FOUR #520 Johnny Storm, Herald of Galactus?! Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo capped off their seminal run on Marvel's First Family with "Rising Storm," featuring more twists and turns than you can shake a cosmically-empowered surfboard at! But what could possibly bring the Human Torch under Galactus' power? And why does he have the Invisible Woman's powers? Answers come to those who read, Marvelite! Waid and 'Ringo go all out in their last hurrah, and now you can catch the complete story with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!


MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR #26 Galactus comes to earth for the first time all over again in this reimagining of the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby classic that introduced the World Devourer to fandom at large! When the Fantastic Four come into contact with an entire alien race fleeing from their home planet, they learn the dread Silver Surfer is fast approaching Earth. And wherever the Surfer goes, Galactus is sure to follow! How can earth possibly survive? For those readers looking for a fresh and accessible take on the Fantastic Four, this book has your name written all over it!


ULTIMATE EXTINCTION #1 Galactus gets the Ultimate treatment courtesy of writer Warren Ellis and artist Brandon Peterson in the third chapter of the "Ultimate Galactus" trilogy, preceded by ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE and ULTIMATE SECRET (both available in their entirety as part of our digital library). The Silver Surfer has come to Earth, heralding the arrival of his master...and nothing can stop him! Some of the Ultimate Universe's greatest minds gather to come up with a solution while Misty Knight, a private eye with a secret or two in her past, does her best against the Surfer's power cosmic. If you think you've seen it all when it comes to Galactus, think again, True Believer!
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