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Captain Britain: The Replacements

With Captain Britain apparently deceased, writer Paul Cornell handicaps the chances of his MI: 13 teammates



Preview art by
Leonard Kirk

By Tim Stevens Death comes for us all, even super heroes. In the pages of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI: 13 that truism has begun to play out with the apparent demise of Brian Braddock, the current Captain Britain. Unfortunately, as with the death of any national symbol, the search for a replacement must begin before the mourning process can run its course, and we'll see that play out in CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI: 13 #2 on June 11. But to help the people of the British Isles during this time of need, we here at Marvel.com, with help from writer Paul Cornell, have gladly begun the headhunting process for the man—or woman—who can draw Excalibur from its fabled stone and become the new Captain Britain. Pete Wisdom A former member of the British covert organization Black Air, Pete Wisdom has bounced around a few super teams, including Excalibur and X-Force, and established himself as good man to have around, especially if you are a lady whose interests include dating a teammate. Pros: Wisdom has had extensive dealings with enemies of the realm, both down-to-earth and fanciful. He exhibits a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect Great Britain and has proven unflappable in a fight. His "hot knives" would be a nice addition to the Captain Britain power set. Cons: He prefers to stick to the shadows. Wisdom has also committed several acts of assassination, not exactly what one looks for in a super hero symbol of a nation.

Preview art by
Leonard Kirk

In the Gentleman's Own Words (as told to Paul Cornell): "You may have noticed that I'm unusual in this profession of ours, in that I don't dress like I'm in Motley Crue. If I wanted to be Captain Wisdom I'd have joined the Marines. Although that's got a ring to it: Captain Wisdom. Anything with two syllables. Captain Lunchbox. As I used to call Brian. Except with Captain America. I'll bet he didn't sound good when he started and people just got used to it. Anyway: no." Spitfire Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton has fought the good fight for Britain since World War II as part of the Invaders. From then to now, she has experienced triumph and tragedy in equal measure, including the birth of her son, his eventual seduction and conversion to vampirism by Baronness Blood, the death of her husband at her son's hands, and the eventual rescuing of her grandchild from a vampire coven. Pros: The daughter of another British hero, the original Union Jack, Spitfire has plenty of familiarity with what it takes to be a symbol for Great Britain. Unquestionably a great team player, Falsworth-Crichton continually demonstrates her boundless loyalty. Also, super speed never hurts to have around. Cons: She can be, perhaps, a bit too loyal, as demonstrated by her dealings with her son during his vampire years. These days, she appears to be a vampire herself, a class of species that could be characterized as being even less trusted by the general public than mutants. In the Lady's Own Words (as told to Paul Cornell): "I would have loved to have had a go. I think I've stood up for this country long enough to wear that uniform. But they wouldn't have me now. Whoever they are. I'm not worthy. One thing leads to another, you see. Duty, over time, equals pain. No, let's leave it at that, let's not bore them with all that old nonsense."

Preview art by
Leonard Kirk

Black Knight A legacy hero driven to atone for the misdeeds of his uncle Nathan Garrett, the previous Black Knight, Dane Whitman has served with distinction with the Avengers, the Defenders, Heroes for Hire, Excalibur, and now, MI:13. Pros: Whitman has proven himself a hero on both sides of the pond, displaying bravery, selflessness, and an impressive talent for blade and hand-to-hand combat. Additionally, Whitman shares a passion for physics with Braddock, something that might stand as a symbolic tie between the two. Cons: Having been born in Massachusetts, Whitman stand as a bit more New Englander than Englander. His weapon of choice, the Ebony Blade, carries with it a heavy price, a blood curse. In the past, his wielding of it has led to bouts of insanity. While his current weapon is only a facsimile of the original, the strength of his mental state without the blade present has not been extensively documented. In the Gentleman's Own Words (as told to Paul Cornell): "[Brian Braddock] was a good friend of mine and a comrade in arms. Am I going to jump into his grave? No. There's too much of that in this job: people trying to be things they're not. I'm sorry, you were after something funny, right? Call me tomorrow and I'll have a line for you." John the Skrull Sent to Earth to imitate John Lennon and pave the way for invasion, John, with his fellow Beatles impostors, chose the rock n' roll life over conquest. Years later, he would end up under the employ of MI:13. Pros: Despite his alien status, John ultimately chose Britain over helping his people invade. John has the ability to shape shift and that could prove a fancy addition to the Captain Britain repertoire.

Preview art by
Leonard Kirk

Cons: If Massachusetts causes problems for Black Knight, wherever John came from must be beyond the pale. Besides, can you ever really trust a Skrull, especially these days? In the Gentleman's Own Words (as told to Paul Cornell): "I'm excused Captaincy, your honour. If I was in charge of a unit of fighting men, I'd just keep saying things like 'jolly good show, have you seen my Privates in action?' And that'd be that." Dr. Faiza Hussain An Essex-born, London-based Doctor, Hussain just burst onto the super hero scene performing triage during the beginnings of the Secret Invasion. Pros: As a woman with tremendous love, respect, and knowledge of super heroes, Hussain would take the job as seriously as it deserves to be. Despite a lack of evident powers, she bravely stood up and tended to the wounded in a battle zone. Con: Her lack of experience and super powers does not make her an ideal candidate. Adding to that the fact that she just suffered a Skrull laser blast might be enough to take her out of consideration. In the Lady's Own Words (as told to Paul Cornell): "Oh, would I?! I've had this list on the back of my wardrobe door since I was fourteen of all the things I'd do if I was Captain Britain. I'd choose the Amulet, obviously. And then I'd check in on all the old super villains. Crazy Gang: you have got to watch out for that bunch of freaks. The Highwayman: it's only 'cos I've read up on him, no disrespect to Mr. Braddock, but I think I could beat him. He's really just this guy with a moustache on a bike. Got to change the costume: I'm not flying about in that. 'Cos it's... well, it's...it's a bit revealing! No, shut up! My Mum would know it was me!" Find out how Great Britain soldiers on without their Captain, and if anyone steps up to take on the mantle, in CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI:13 #2, due on shelves on June 11. Until then, read up on the original Captain Britain with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

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