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Unlimited Highlights

Digital Comics Highlights: Skrulls!

Marvel Digital Comics celebrates Secret Invasion by taking a look at some can't miss Skrully moments

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. As the Skrull infiltration blasts into full-on invasion with this month's SECRET INVASION #2 and jaw-dropping tie-ins like MIGHTY AVENGERS #13 and this week's CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI: 13 #1, we here at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited believe the time has come to shine the spotlight on those shifty-green prune chins.

FOUR v1 #18

FANTASTIC FOUR v1 #18 Can the combined powers of the Fantastic Four stop the combined powers of-the Fantastic Four?! Seeking revenge against Earth's resident super genius, the elastic Mr. Fantastic, for turning them into cows after the green meanies' first encounter with Marvel's first family, the Skrulls unleash their deadly new champion: the Super-Skrull! Armed with each member of FF's unique abilities, this alien ugly lays a smackdown that only the legendary creative team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby could imagine.

FOUR v1 #37

FANTASTIC FOUR v1 #37 What would you do for the love of your life? Travel beyond Earth's atmosphere, across the galaxy, through the cold emptiness of space to a planet countless light-years away to attack the nastiest shape-shifters this side of the universe? When Sue Storm discovers that the Skrulls murdered her father, she convinces her husband Reed to do just that and invade the aliens' homeworld, Skrullos, to bring the culprit to justice: even if means taking on an entire planet!


ANNIHILATION: SUPER-SKRULL #1 As the deadly Annihilation Wave cuts through space and anything unfortunate enough to stand in its path, the Skrull Empire prepares for war. Led the genetically enhanced Super-Skrull, the green kingdom throws down on a galactic scale against the overwhelming forces of Negative Zone nasty Annihilus, casting one of the Fantastic Four's greatest foes in the unfamiliar role of hero.


RUNAWAYS v2 #7 The daughter of a pair of super-baddies from deep space, Karolina Dean thought her life couldn't get anymore complicated, until one last "gift" from her folks came knockin' on her door-literally. Shocked to discover her parents arranged for her to marry a young Skrull as a sign of peace between their worlds, Karolina must decide between staying with her friends or saying "goodbye, Earth" to stop a war between two planets she's never known.


NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI #1 In the wake of the devastating Kree/Skrull War, a secret cabal of the Marvel U's most powerful and influential heroes venture to Skrullos to deliver a simple message: Don't mess with Earth. But when the mission goes awry, the Illuminati find themselves stranded and alone, and in the merciless clutches of those dastardly extraterrestrials. Written by the award-winning Brian Michael Bendis with art by Jimmy Cheung, this can't miss issue reveals some of the earliest seeds Secret Invasion. And don't forget to check out SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION, chronicling the story of Kinsey, a young girl caught in the midst of the Skrull invasion.
Who do you trust? Learn more about Secret Invasion now at Marvel.com/SecretInvasion! Also, read the exclusive free digital comics SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE and the ongoing SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Plus, don't miss the Secret Invasion animated short!

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