Secret Invasion

Super-Skrull Showdown

We take our dream team of custom Super-Skrulls and set them up against Marvel’s finest in all-out fantasy warfare



By Craig Tello The Skrull invasion continues to explode though the Marvel Universe this summer, spreading panic, terror, and good old-fashioned paranoia with each page turn. In SECRET INVASION #3, available June 4, that fear proves well-founded, taking shape in the form of a new breed of Super-Skrull soldiers, combining the skills of Marvel's heroes and villains into warriors set to trample Manhattan. Inspired by the Skrull no-longer-secret weapons revealed on the last page of SECRET INVASION #2, has put together a list of super teams we are psyched to perhaps see Skrulled-out, along with the battles we're begging to see them engaged in. Defenders Super-Skrull (Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer & Dr. Strange) vs the Illuminati

preview art by
Leinil Francis Yu

Who wouldn't want to see the remarkable faction of heavy hitters who made up the original Defenders put together as an over-sized, shimmering, cosmic-powered, mystic-slinger with weird eyebrows? Surfboard or no, a Super-Skrull with these combined traits would more than bring the fight to the clandestine coup known as The Illuminati. Still, in the end, with their experience in universe-altering events like the Kree-Skrull War and Secret Wars, we give the Illuminati this one. "New" Fantastic Four Super-Skrull (Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spider-Man & Wolverine) vs the Fantastic Four High hopes that the Skrulls were watching closely in late 1990 when a new quartet of heroes bore the number four. Imagine: adamantium meets webbing and muscle meets fiery skull to make one serious contender for the title of Marvel's First Family. If they thought the original Super-Skrull proved hard to kill, the Fantastic Four would be in for the challenge of a lifetime against this one. Unfortunately, we have to go with the wrinkly jaws here. Sinister Six Super-Skrull (Dr. Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Sandman, Kraven & Mysterio) vs Spider-Man

Preview art by
Leinil Francis Yu

As if the Sinister Six needed to be any more…err…sinister, toss in the elfin ears and jade jaw, and Spidey would be facing a true amalgamation of his greatest foes. It's been a while since we've seen Webhead truly put to the test by his classic enemies. Plus, we're interested to see a winged Super-Skrull with massive sand-based mallets for hands and electricity conduits on his mechanical Doc Ock arms—though he can leave the leopard print and fishbowl head at home. Unable to divide and conquer in this case, Spider-Man couldn't sling his way out of this fight. Infinity Watch Super-Skrull (Adam Warlock, Moondragon, Gamora, Pip & Drax) vs the new Guardians of the Galaxy Aside from providing the sheer visual enjoyment of Adam Warlock, Gamora, bald Moondragon, hooved Pip the Troll, and burly Drax the Destroyer all rolled into one crazy body, the raw, extraterrestrial power of this hypothetical Super-Skrull would be off the meter. Pitted against a Skrulled-out Infinity Watch, half of the newly established Guardians of the Galaxy would clash with themselves, adding to the intrigue. Of course, the Skrull replication process wouldn't yield duplicate Infinity Gems or the Gauntlet, and with deal-breakers Rocket Racoon and Phyla-Vell on the Guardians' side, we say the new kids on the cosmic block win it.

Preview art by
Leinil Francis Yu

Force Works Super-Skrull (Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch, USAgent, Spider-Woman & Wonder Man) vs the Mighty Avengers We're just clamoring to see if Tony Stark's short-lived, Scarlet Witch-led squadron from the mid-'90s could compete with Iron Man's contemporary assimilation of Superhero Registration Act allies. In this collision, we'd see Jessica Drew competing against a different Spider-Woman's powers, not to mention Wonder Man and Shellhead coming eye-to-eye with their own eyes. But, without the Force Works' Chaos Computer on this Super-Skrull's side, its unique blend of magic, armor, web and patriotism would meet its defeat at the hands of the Avengers. X-Men Super Skrull vs the Astonishing X-Men After glimpsing the visual of the Super-Skrull with optic blast visor and extended metal claws at the end of SECRET INVASION #2, the thought of an X-Men hybrid leaves us salivating. Picture a Super-Skrull with the mutant abilities of Cyclops, Wolverine and Rogue, or Colossus, Iceman and Nightcrawler—how about all of the above, plus some Kitty Pryde? It's the perfect

Preview art by
Leinil Francis Yu

mutant Storm—oh, her, too. The Astonishing mutant squad would take the fight to the mutie-imitating Super-Skrull, but against the combined force of Xavier's classic team members, this one is too close to call for the current team. But, if we had to pick, we regrettably add one more victory to the Skrull camp. Will we see any of these showdowns between Marvel's finest and their rival Super-Skrulls? Catch the next edition of the blockbuster event in SECRET INVASION #3, in stores June 4.
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