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Wizard World Los Angeles 2007

Wizard World LA: Mondo Marvel Panel Report

By Ryan Penagos
We're live blogging the panel, so keep checking this page for an updated report. The panel has started! Fans have filled the room and Jim McCann is introducing the panelists: Brett Booth (Anita Blake), Tom Brevoort, Mark Paniccia, Charlie Knauf, Chris Gage and Paul Jenkins. Conquest is being explained and we're showing a bunch of cool images, inculding a new Wraith cover. Very slick. C.B. Cebulski showed up while Paniccia was describing Mystic Arcana. What timing, as Cebulski is writing one of the books. Check out our coverage of Mystic Arcana from New York Comic Con. New Avengers/Transformers! The Halo ongoing series was teased again and McCann says news will be hitting within the next two weeks. Keep your eyes on Marvel.com for more info! It's new project announcement time! Avengers Classic, a part reprint, part new back-up story series, is going to hit soon. See our full story on Avengers Classic for more details. Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock! Agent M broke the news way back when in the Spy in the House blog, but now the world gets to see much more about the series. Very cool. Check out our full story on Daredevil: Battlin' Jack Murdock, too! C.B.'s talking Loners now and the classic '80s John Hughes movie posters look HOT! Another announcement: new Anita Blake stories--written by Laurell K. Hamilton herself! Look for our Anita Blake story later today! McCann busted out another announcement: Spider-Man/Red Sonja, a crossover with Dynamite entertainment. Mike Oeming, Mel Rubi and Mike Turner? SICK! Look for a story on Spider-Man/Red Sonja next week! World War Hulk is now the topic of choice. Lots of art was shown, interior pages, covers and more. It looks great. Paniccia drops knowledge on World War Hulk, Incredible Hulk and really hypes it up. World War Hulk: X-Men writer Chris Gage gives the scoop on the book. You can feel his excitement and enthusiasm for the project. It's infectious. Now over to World War Hulk: Gamma Corps, a tie-in by Frank Tieri and Carlos Ferreira. Look for the return of characters, lots of violence and some cool moments. Jenkins gets to talking about World War Hulk: Frontline. Jenkins joked about the loss of Typeface, who died in Civil War: Front Line. Jenkins explains that WWH: Frontline is broken up into three sections--one focuses on the Daily Bugle characters, another on a cop who works the superhero beat and a third, which is a two-page humor section. They're talking about the World War Hulk crossover books. Gage explains how Iron Man ties into the series and reveals that Butch Guice is drawing the two-part Iron Man WWH tie-in that Gage is writing. Look for the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. to have his hands full. Heroes for Hire is a story of Humbug against the Brood and Miek from Sakaar. That should be fun and messy. Avengers: The Initiative ties in for two issues and most of the book's characters will go through a baptism of fire in battling Hulk and his crew. Irredeemable Ant-Man ties in for one issue. Brevoort explains that Ant-Man takes advantage of the tie-in to make some cash! World War Hulk: Young Avengers is a one-shot by Loeb and Finch. That should be awesome. McCann gives the crowd a first look at World War Hulk with a preview showing Hulk's first stop on his way to earth: the moon! He takes Blackbolt to task. That should be a rough battle! The newsy part of the panel is over and the Q&A session has begun. It's a timid crowd, though. Where's the action, LA?! The crowd gets going, coming up with some solid questions for the panelists, helping to shed more light on Anita Blake, making Iron Man cry, World War Hulk, Spider-Man's Iron Spider Armor--showing up in Avengers: The Initiative #3, inter-company crossovers, Thor's role in World War Hulk and more. Look for our video coverage of the panel this week for the full panel video! Uh, Jim McCann just said that Canada's not part of the world. For shame, Jim! Panic just plugged Super-Villain Team-Up: M.O.D.O.K.'s 11 coming in July. Agent M showed some stuff from that series a few months ago in Spy in the House and after seeing that and some other stuff, it's probably one of the series I'm most excited about. Keep your eyes on Marvel.com for more on that series soon! Check out all our Wizard World LA coverage.

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