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Preview: Cable #4

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COVER BY: ARIEL OLIVETTI WRITER: DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI PENCILS: ARIEL OLIVETTI COLORED BY: ARIEL OLIVETTI LETTERED BY: VC - TBD THE STORY: The second phase of the war that began in "Messiah Complex" continues! There's nothing better than catching up with an old war buddy, especially after the years have really started to pile up. You can rummage through the bad old days, revel in the glory days, and down quite a few beers on the back porch while the sun slips down over the horizon. But not so for Cable. Because his old war buddy has shown up with news that everyone he knows or cares about is dead. The battles are over, and they're the only ones left on the losing side. If that weren't enough, Bishop, their former ally, is just one bullet away from achieving his objective: killing the baby, and erasing the last shred of hope for mutantkind. All of the battles Cable has won mean nothing. Because suddenly, all of these years later, he's in real danger of losing the war. Rated T+ ...$2.99 IN STORES: June 4, 2008



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