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MDCU Storyline Spotlight

Digital Comics Storyline Spotlight: War & Pieces

The Hulk and X-Factor go to war in this week's controversial classic

HULK v1 #390

Each week we highlight a classic storyline told in full inside Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, the greatest collection of Marvel comics available online! This week we focus on the Hulk and X-Factor clashing over politics in the Middle East from "Hulk: War & Pieces" by Peter David and Dale Keown!
For years, the Hulk dealt with problems

HULK v1 #391

one way: with his fists. However, when writer Peter David provided the Green Goliath with Bruce Banner's smarts back in the early '90s, it didn't always make choices easier for the big guy, often it just things much more complicated. As the leader of the freelance disaster-prevention/containment group the Pantheon, the Hulk, accompanied by longtime companion Rick Jones, travels to the Middle Eastern country of Trans-Sabal intending to overthrow the dictatorship ruling the land. However, just as things seem to be going the Pantheon's way, the government of

HULK v1 #392

Trans-Sabal calls in aid from political allies the United States in the form of the mutant team called X-Factor! While Hulk trades blows and plasma blasts with X-Factor, Rick learns more about both sides of the Trans-Sabal civil war, learning there may be no clear cut good guy and some difficult decisions may have to be made. However, it should be a tough call for you to go check out "Hulk: War & Pieces" on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now!
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