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Wizard World Philadelphia 2008

WW Philly 2008: Manifest Destiny

X-Men editor Nick Lowe teass the next phase in mutant evolution

By Marc Strom Go west, young mutant! With the X-Men setting up shop in sunny San Francisco, Marvel's merry band of mutants plan to make their own future in "Manifest Destiny" this fall. While UNCANNY X-MEN editor Nick Lowe remained tight-lipped on just what the story would entail, he did promise it would shock X-fans like nothing before. "I would describe ["Manifest Destiny"] as the biggest status quo shift in X-Men history," he declares. "We aren't joking about the seismic shift in the X-Men," Lowe continues. "It is real. Not only is it the first time that the X-Men have set up shop somewhere other than Westchester-we aren't counting the short time in Austraila-but it is a philosophical change as well." Also this fall, fans can expect a four-issue X-MEN: MANIFEST DESTINY anthology catching readers up to date with some of their favorite mutants. According to Lowe, who will also edit the limited series, fans can expect to see "Iceman, Karma, Mercury [and] a lot of the characters who may not get a ton of face time in the main X-Books." And when those character return, they'll have some of Marvel's top talent guiding them. "Mike Carey is writing [the] four-part Iceman story [running throughout the limited series]," Lowe dishes. "Humberto Ramos is doing the covers. Chris Yost is involved. C.B. Cebulski is involved. Skottie Young is involved." So strap in, True Believer, and get ready for the X-Men's biggest mutation yet!
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