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Wizard World Philadelphia 2008

WW Philly 2008: Magneto: Testament

Greg Pak and Carmine Di Giandomenico uncover Magneto's early years

By Craig Tello Magneto's scarlet and purple helmet might block any psyche infiltration by Professor Charles Xavier, but it doesn't seem to work against Greg Pak. This coming September, writer Pak and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico invite X-fanatics on a rare journey way back to the Master of Magnetism's adolescent days as a mutant magnate in training. In MAGNETO: TESTAMENT, that journey weaves its way through 1930s Germany where we find pre-teen Erik Magnus Lehnsherr struggling with a unique gift as well as a ubiquitous curse around him as a young Jewish boy in the middle of the Nazi stronghold. Not your typical tale of a Marvel character developing his extraordinary powers, this five-issue series tackles the common anxieties of a teenager with the far more severe threat of anti-Semitism supported by martial law. "Like so many classic Marvel characters, [Magneto] has to grapple with the typical problems of any scrawny outsider: family problems, schoolyard bullies, and first crushes," Pak explains. "But every little conflict takes on a terrifying, new dimension as the scope and inexorable advance of the Nazi menace becomes clearer." Pak teases that TESTAMENT could very well include the moment in which Lehnsherr uses his powers for the first time. "We just might [see that moment] at that," Pak carefully hints. "But keep in mind that this isn't a typical super hero book. Any revelation of powers will play out in a way you might not expect." Readers can expect the gripping atmosphere of Pak's dramatic story coming to life through the vividly detailed art of Di Giandomenico, who is equally tight on spouting too many details. "I'd rather let the reader discover this new Magneto through Greg [Pak's] dialogues and my art," the artist says. "I'm working hard on the characters' expressions, in order to make them more lively and dynamic." While we will all need to wait until later this year to experience this one-of-a-kind story arc, Di Giandomenico encourages that the wait will be well worth it. "I can only say that the reader will face Magneto's evolution as a character," Di Giandomenico claims. "I think this is more important than his powers. No reader will be disappointed, I'm sure!"



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