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Wizard World Philadelphia 2008

Wizard World Philadelphia 2008: Lady Bullseye

Daredevil finds himself with another Bullseye to tangle with, and this one's a lady

By Tim Stevens Bullseye has had a rough time of it lately, what with his conscription into the Thunderbolts and crippling-literally-defeat at the hands of American Eagle. But now he has to face someone infringing on his not so-good name? Indeed he does, as come this September in DAREDEVIL #111, the Marvel Universe meets Lady Bullseye for the first time. As far as the deadly female's identity or her motivations, DAREDEVIL Editor Warren Simons stays tightlipped. However, even a trained professional such as himself cannot resist letting a tease or two go about this exciting addition to the Hornhead's gallery of villains. After admitting that readers have not yet encountered Lady Bullseye in any way, Simons tells Marvel.com that, "Ed [Brubaker] has came up with a very compelling introduction and origin for her. I don't want to give too much away, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a fairly violent introduction to her." As for her connections to the original, Simons offers only this vague, but tantalizing response: "We'll be learning a lot more about Lady Bullseye in the coming months, including her link to Bullseye and how he might feel about someone using his name." Check out some killer early designs and covers now [at left] and tune back into Marvel.com for more information on this deadly new lady in DD's life in the coming months. And head to Marvel.com's Wizard World Philadelphia hub for more buzz from the City of Brotherly Love!



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